PTR changes are a proof there's a problem with gamedesigners in this game - not talking about balance

theres a correct way to nerf them, this is not it.

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You do know they nerfed life staff healing 20% across the board and then sacred ground 36%?

I think Void gauntlet probably heals better than life staff now and does much more damage.

seriously they just need to nerf self-healing portion
and nerf Sheild self mitigation

They need to separate PvE stats from PvP. The Division games do it for dark zones - base stats, crits and everything else gets changed as soon as you enter them. PvE is like a different game to PvP and you just can’t balance one without hurting the other. I think that’s what AGS will find out pretty soon too.

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Yeah been theory crafting a nasty build to take advantage of that. Not sure what to call it but sword and board + Void Gaunlet should allow for better healing, stuns and dps capabilities than our current Paladin builds.

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it is.

Fire and Ice were fine but that’s not even the subject of the topic, read it correctly damn.

I have never seen a single MMO RPG in my entire life at where the players could not crit with their spells and especially their Fire spells which are supposedly glass cannon.

If they wanted to do something about it then they could at least make it so that only players with Light Armor would be able to crit or something like that.

What a mess.

You’re missing the point. The fact that they even think those are the weapons they need to nerf, and the way they went about doing so is the issue. Wars are dominated by great axe/hammer and they nerf into the ground a completely different set of weapons while buffing them.

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i made my own changes tell me what you guys think?

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I get it I do, but let’s at least wait and see first. This is why they have PTR its apparent they need to test somethings so maybe they are starting at a baseline. I have seen and been a part of many PTRs in which this was the case. Look I am not trying to defend any specific point, all I am saying is until it happens it isn’t an issue, and shouldn’t be portrayed as such as the OP is making it out to be. If and when this comes down the pipeline then yes, we should raise hell for sure.

Fair enough

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I think the problem came from people using empowering fireball. Stacking up the initial hit damage, then a crit, could absolutely obliterate people with no recourse if they touch the ball of death.

But again the problem wasn’t that it could crit. Could nerf empowering fireball. Or remove it, as a 140% weapon damage ability having a perk that increases it’s damage by 30% (Just one of these perks would make a fireball hit for 182% weapon damage).

On my server the go-to for mages was to run different qualities of empowering fireball. I.e, 31% on staff, 30% on chest, 29% on helm, etc. You’d end up with a 600%+ weapon damage fireball that would crit for 1,000%+ weapon damage. throw an onyx on there and the int passive perks and you’re very easily sitting on 1,500%+ weapon damage.

Removing crit was not the right way to go here. Even with no crits it will still hit like a fucking train with the same build, the problem will still exist, and nothing was resolved. Sure, it’s “only” 1,000% without a crit, but a 1,000% weapon damage hit will obliterate you anyway.

Wow, this means game designers doesn’t have knowledge about game mechanics in bigger picture. This is disaster.


more ability to stagger for players less for mobs - happy gamers no life staff in tolite bag

Some different balance changes idea (all a PTB suggestion instead of what we have) i think i didnt a good job rebalancing things

Empowering fireball NEVER worked. Also same perks in different items doesn’t work.

Just melees were crying a lot here in the forums while they have the most OP weapons available, and for some reason they buffed melee weapons (???)

You do realize that there is a PTR forum for just such comments right?


All the people upset about fireball not able to crit anymore seems like the crit was indeed OP. Not helping your case at all

They dont stack my man. You only get one of the empowering fireball perks that work. In addition on live it doesnt work at all lol.