PTR changes implementation

Where can I find information about time when changes from PTR going to production? Sorry if this is a silly question :slight_smile:

They don’t really tell us that until like the day of the patch. More of the same communication issues this company has.

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It’s coming to live on January 22th

well, this is not nice if such info is not published in any way upfront

Thank you for that. How do you know? Any source?

via a temporal disruption?

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Lmao I meant February :rofl:

They said no patch this week when they gave out the server transfer tokens.

Twenty tooth

Probsbly the last week of Feb. Could be the 22 as some say, but could be a few days later.
Last patch was on Jan 25th

I agree. They need more communication. In the videos they keep telling us they are trying to do better but its gotten worse. The CMs are a welcomed addition but in reality that’s not communication. The January patch people were begging to know when it was coming. Then poof, they told us it was coming like hours before they patched.

I actually thought there would be another round of PTR notes and patch before a live patch too. Maybe that will come today or tomorrow. Im sure we will know about 5 minutes before it happens.

why we dont have anywhere any info about the update time ?!?!?!?!?!

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