PTR Feb Patch Notes feedback

Im positive AGS doesn’t play their game. They’re adding another nerf to basically all melee players while everyone is going Mage already and they’re buffing them. If you guys wanted New World to just be a game full of mages just say so. This game lacks balance and Devs needs to play the game INCLUDING PvP because clearly you guys have not been in wars or dueled other players. Theres no point in sticking around much longer. Absolutely disgusted. This game is becoming more and more garbage.


Totally agree. Devs, please cancel this update and go actually play the game to figure your S#$% out. this is pure trash

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If you guys wanted New World to just be a game full of mages just say so

Wait I thought 3 versions ago when they overtuned melee they wanted the everyone to play melee because the game devs had a secret melee bias.

Now you are telling me that isnt true and they actually have a mage bias and want everyone to play mage?

lol. MMO players can be really silly sometimes. Dont take bad class balancing as some sort of grand conspiracy.


don’t worry the devs added a Desync mechanic for Melee :stuck_out_tongue:

And 3 versions ago that was fine. Why continue nerfing it into the ground when we already are struggling to catch up to dodge canceling players?

where do you see the balance in a mage going IG and VG with multiple CC’s plus range all while they’re nerfing gravity well our only for sure way we can keep up with them?

2 months ago its was the exact opposite and all mages cried.

yea. you’re still not getting the point.

I am not arguing with you that classes are imbalanced. I am telling you its silly to think the devs are doing it because there is a secret anti-melee agenda.

Its just bad class balancing.

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