PTR Feedback: Great AXE Grav Well

I have reported in game some minor issues in PTR but a glaring issue overshadows everything else. The great axe grav well was butchered, the tracking feels slightly better but still needs a lot of work. I can understand if the root function needs to change because of game mechanics / game performance, but the current PTR grav well is a wasted ability slot, and it kind of barely passed for an ability to use.

For transparency I am a dex main, I like the bow but I feel no threat from great axes as they are, the only hope of them closing distance was the grav well, but I could jump shot, evade, flechet out of them between my bow and rapier and if that was exhausted still time it out / counter with repost. The new grav well can be casually sauntered out of. The GA is the main melee bruiser weapon and should excel in the range as a dex user I am at the point of complaining that a weapon is too easy to play against and grav well gets nerfed significantly on top of that.

My feedback if grav well has to change is make it a heavier slow like 80-90% to make it close to a root with minor movement but also give it a 30-50% slow for 3-5s after leaving the grav well. That way if someone does use an ability to leave it will still force them in melee range for a few seconds. Also if at all possible extend that slow on mobs. The great axe has also become a tool that players cleverly use to help win invasions by combining team work with mechanics as well as to deal with tough bosses this weapon needs to be able to stop these enemies and in PTR its hard to tell if it can still stop a spriggan or brute. The damage of the ability is mostly irrelevant to players but making it more of a debuff like a rend or weaken might actually be a welcomed change to an ability that is mostly utility in the first place.

I am asking that the grav well be reworked until it feels strong to use and something that can force ranged players into melee confrontation not just to use up an ability cool down. The nerf to grav well will ultimately remove the great axe from its last position in pvp as a utility weapon used for closeing gaps with 2 abilities to then get sidelined. Also invasions are hard fought victories and this affects everyone, and wont make any players happy with the change in PvE either regardless if they use great axe or not.


The overwhelming abundance of constructive feedback in this post is refreshing!

Thank you!

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I try to be constructive. Angry rants won’t do much I just hope the devs see that and take me more seriously. I just want the game to do well and IMO all weapons need to feel strong and fun and GA is that in PvE… In PvP it feels like any competitive edge has been stripped from it. I would rather the under used weapons be buffed and have some more meta weapons only be tweaked my small percentages. I think the end result is if i grab x weapon it will do well in these combinations in these situations not just dominate most positions in the battle field with 1 weapon so even weapons I don’t use I want to see perform well.

I use bow rapier which are performing well and in comparison to GA would need a nerf, but compared to IG/VG rely on tonnes of skill to be viable and can’t afford any nerfs (these weapons don’t need nerfs except maybe slightly longer cooldowns on rapier). I still fight IG/VG often and win so its a delicate balance so buffing GA is the best thing to bring a better balance to PvP in my opinion. I think if GA was brought to its pre nerf status it would barely edge out over some other weapons and weapon combos people use right now, but the old GA tracking was better left in tact then whatever was done to it even if it was excessive but I honestly think looking back the huge lunge was more to desync than actual weapon mechanics.

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can literally walk out of grav well in ptr XD wtf no point in having grav well on skill bar now even damage can be dodged now from grav well

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Honestly I cant see GA being viable in PvP after that change. They need to walk back that change asap. I tried it on ptr experimented with it and honestly I haven’t seen a more useless ability. The worst part is grav well is relied on to make the weapon viable in pvp Hatchet does have the throwing tree but that doesn’t invalidate the weapon as a whole.

If they want to butcher Grav Well revert the old GA nerfs players could use reap but the PvE implications are painful when it comes to invasions. If there goal is to stop the grav slowing sprigs and brutes than to at least make it fair bring back old lunge, make charge go through friendlies / allies, and bring back some extra damage to the GA. If the issue is how they help everyone in invasions make the weapon all around less of a utility and bring back its combat prowess.

Excellent feedback! Grav Well going live as it is on the PTR is a MAJOR issue. Its so bad that most GA users are preparing for AGS to let it go live as it is and are dumping insatiable grav well perks in favor of reap or charge. Definitely need the devs to hear this feedback that grav well will be a dead ability if it goes live as is.


if they want to rework it and have issues with the ability it needs to come with considerable concessions and buffs to the GA. The Ga is basically a utility weapon used for slowing people and closing distance now, and they are going to gut that… They should also remove insatiable grav well as it is as it barely works make it do a rend or empower or make it do dot damage making it a better craft mod and just swap that thing out.

I am a dex user advocating for GA buffs. I am complaining on the behalf of people I fight against this is a problem lol.

Gravity Well needs a rework.

The most recent weapon released was Void Gauntlet. It has an ability to root players like Gravity Well does (called Petrifying Scream). If Petrifying Scream is considered to be the “standard” then make Gravity Well do what it does in its “Gravity” way:

  • Petrifying Scream deals 100% Weapon damage in a narrow 5 meter cone in front of you, staggering and rooting enemies for 2 seconds on hit. So, make Gravity Well deal 100% Weapon damage in the bubble it projects, pulling enemies to the center and rooting enemies for 2 seconds on hit just like Petrifying Scream does (not dodging out of it since you can’t dodge out of Petrifying Scream). Have the bubble burst after 3 seconds (giving players one second to “dodge” out to avoid the burst part of Gravity Well (which then does an additional 125% weapon damage if still in the bubble).

  • Decent damage in a small AoE with a fair bit of disruption potential. This makes it decently useful for a lot of situations, but slightly stronger in PvP. No one likes being rooted, but its a PvP favorite for that very reason. In PvE, its a nice way to group enemies for the AoE slashing ability on the Great Axe light and heavy attacks.

  • With a cooldown of 15 seconds, Petrifying Scream is one of the Void Gauntlet’s shortest cooldowns. Likewise, Gravity Well should be on a short 15 second cooldown.

I’m just saying that if Petrifying Scream is good for the Void Gauntlet, then buff Gravity Well to balance.


I have to agree, I think other ways of buffing could be more potent like a lingering slow after escaping but buffing underused weapons and abilities should be more important than nerfing.


Excellent idea. Wished I thought of that one! Thanks for including it.

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I thought it would make a lot of sense as it lets you catch up to targets even if they escape and maybe apply a dot or debuff instead of direct damage could also be better as the explosion is easily blocked, dodged, escaped, etc. This way it allows some damage to be dealt even in the event of an escape.

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Any @Staff Will respond to those ideas ?

In its current state, the GA has become completely useless. It’s almost impossible to catch a ranged player. You run after them for hours, charge them, reap them, throw the Gravity Well without being able to deal much damage. This is mainly due to the fact that the homing range of the GA is extremely limited and all your abilities have no stun anymore. I understand that you want to reduce the strength of the Gravity Well in terms of wars, but not at the expense of the complete weapon type.

Has anyone of the ppl at AGS really played Great Axe for a couple hundred hours in the last weeks? Otherwise you would know that the great axe is already totally inferior to other types of weapons - now it will disappear into uselessness.

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