PTR FEEDBACK - Remove Animating for Consumes in PvP or Overall

This has always been something that has bugged me about the game, and from playing hours of PTR these last few days, it’s annoying me even more in 3v3s. Watching my character pause what they’re doing to start munching on bread for a moment as I’m trying to spam a CC spell shortly after, only to die because I couldn’t get it off in time because my character had to fully animate to consume. Or watching my teammates die as they pop a potion to recover when it’s 1v1 left in the arena.

I’ve also had cases of thinking I popped a potion, but since my character wasn’t able to fully animate, I never actually consumed the potion, which forces me to waste time again in 3v3s, where combat can be so time-sensitive, to consume again.

I just think it’s a source of “friction” that slows the game down, and for me at least, has been a cause of death all the way back from leveling, to now in PvP. I don’t think that level of immersion is needed, especially since Oakflesh Balm and Gemstone Dust don’t require animations.

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Or eliminate consumables from arenas. Probably be more balance anyway.

lol balance? Nope. Just forces your team to have Healers or lose.

Consumables is the balance.

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I think it’s a good thing. There will be a skill gap for when to use consumables. You want as many mechanics will skill gaps as possible if you want to make a competitive pvp experience.

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Though I dread farming for consumes and was concerned for consumes in 3v3s, I don’t mind them since playing with them. I think AGS should make them purchasable with Salt.

But I also don’t think the PTR is doing a good job at reflecting the current state of the game since everyone is playing with crappy gear from the boxes instead of their BIS. So right now in PTR, consumes are a crutch for our bad gear.

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Yes let’s lower the, already rock bottom, skill cap even more…

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Considering the fact that the potion fumbling issue continues to be a problem, I would just get rid of it. Potion consume animation gets screwed over if more than one person is continually light attacking you and your character gets “staggered as a result”.

The game is not DS or ER where there is an overexaggerated potion consumption animation that makes you walk. You can run and consume a potion as is no problem, but if more than two people begin to wail on you, then expect your character to develop Parkinson’s and be rendered incapable of bringing the vial to their lips.

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