PTR going live tomorrow



Nice find.

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I didn’t expect it to go live so fast, tbh.

Isnt that prime time EU again?

Maybe, I’m just happy to get some changes rolling.

Everyone is not going to be happy but it is still progress.

To many issues to release new content…

You now have 12hrs to max out Crafting skills. Get to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you…you know… read the notes? :rofl:

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Crafting :< So much to do.

There are some nice bug fixes, and obviously some controversial balance changes.

No, it’s from 2pm to 6pm in most of Europe.

That only seems half bad. I’d personally take that over 8-12.

I find 2PM-6PM way worse then 8AM-12AM(noon) but I guess its diffrent for people so :stuck_out_tongue: Guess its time to no life through the night and sleep during downtime haha.

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That makes sense, it’s different for everyone. Here there are a lot of 9-5 jobs and I know a lot of people who get on around 7ish because they need to get dinner and settle down.

I mean it same where I live its just some of us that dont have it I usualy work like 03-12 but had the day off… so was hoping for not patch tomorrow but im excited ^^

Bummer, Heres hoping no long extended maintenance.

Thats why do all nigher haha so I can sleep during that, I Just hope they fix some of the broken achivments as I didn’t see anything on it :frowning:

F craft

Yup… gonna try to spam up wepsmith before the patch haha

Ah dang, there is tons of bugs, but hopefully we will see a steady stream of progress.

Yup, I sit atm on like 55.5% of it and II dont do pvp as im on low pop and some of the lore pages aint even in the game x) reported it for 6weeks with 0 answer so its like run in to a wall to understand the lore. and some townboard missiond dont even give “progress” so yea…