PTR going live tomorrow

Prime time is 5pm - 9pm then numbers fall off quick. So hopefully it goes smooth or I will eat into EU prime. This is a big patch so I will be suprised if there is no delays though…

I’m curious if they changed anything from the PTS.

VG patch tomorrow?! Nooooooo! I am not prepared! cries in Stormrage

There’s no progress at all! AGS doesn’t even seem to know what’s wrong with their own game. They ask us for our feedback, and at the end for what? For nothing, they released everything as it is, without taking any of our feedback into consideration. I’m starting to understand why people want to see this damn game burn, it’s way more entertainment than the game itself. AGS is digging their own grave by only listening to the majority, and ignoring the minority.

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Most of it were balance changes though right? Those can be retuned. It sucks if they haven’t been listening to feedback but I’m more looking forward to the bug fixes. :frowning:

Stormrage eh.

I’m looking forward to a trouble-free rollout of Into the Void.

What could possibly go wrong?

They did not, every “balance” change they made “they also asked for our feedback on them by the way” are still the same. The big hard nerfs on some weapon who did not deserve it and the buffs on weapons who were already META are still the same. Heavy will still be king. IMO, they should nerf the dmg and healing output when wearing a heavy armor… The damn armor is made to take hits, not do double the damage of a mains dps.

The technicians could fall into the void during deployment!

Feels more hopeful this way.

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I hate being like this, but at this point, why even getting our hopes up? We’ve been deceived so many times in the past, and getting excited for something that might fail will just crash our mood once again. Just stay neutral and just don’t expect anything from AGS.

I don’t know how you can say that. Although I will admit that the possibility of a resonance cascade scenario is extremely unlikely, I remain uncomfortable with the…

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I should have said could instead of are. :frowning:

I’ve literally already doomed it.

I never thought I’d see a Resonance Cascade, let alone create one.

I am with ya man, not the burning part but the they don’t listen to feedback part. They only listen to Asmongold, SOMETIMES(most of the issues he brought up in his video got added). They just care about optics, not players it seems. And I love this game, but I am so tired of it all.

Welcome to the age of Axes/Warhammers…

Nice find? It’s the top post in the official news channel.

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