PTR Healing Changes - PvP healer thoughts

Hey everyone, just wanted to put my thoughts on the healing changes on the PTR out there for my fellow lifesavers to discuss.

First lets start with what I see as being the biggest change that will impact us, (no it’s not heavy and medium) but the Lights embrace change. I am a rostered war healer so a lot of this will be PvP focused. The double change to LE is a step to far for it to still be viable. I’m actually fine with the nerf from 30% to 15% for buffs (I’ve hit 11k LE before) so tuning that down is fine. However that 1 sec cast time on top of the other nerf kills this skill. The cast time will get me and my group killed in wars, no question. It’s interruptible and burst damage is so strong that it won’t cast in time.

As a group healer my job is keeping my 4 members in the fight as much as possible. Now after over 100 3v3s I’m convinced that in war Divine Embrace is the better targeted heal. I really don’t want a sec cast on any skills, so I’ve been exploring splash of light, but it’s not going to save my melee in the thick of it. Settled on DE being the single target heal in the new meta. However all aoe (sg, orb, beacon) will be the most comfortable in war. Group healing may be dead.

Now let’s talk about the stamina changes. It will lead to more deaths for any group healer. I have to play in some sketchy spots to be able to heal my group, I survive with Iframes and my rapier. The stam changes will get me killed significantly more, nothing I can do about it.

The nerfs to heavy and medium, I’m meh on the whole topic as I can run m10s in light easy and run it in PvP. I do feel for all those who have spent time money and energy perfecting their builds for them to now be trash. I don’t see the problem with heavy healers, people complain that you can’t kill them, so what. That guys sacred is ticking for like 500, he isn’t saving any dps, just ignore him like we do when we see heavy healers. You’d 1000% rather kill me in my light with 100 con whose sacred ticks for 1100+.

I think this is just a step to much with so many changes being introduced at once. Did this to multiple weapons over this games time, small incremental nerfs to weapons please. Stop just randomly hitting peoples entire builds overnight.


Oh just going to mention that I forgot about “moving” while casting. You move like half an inch. No advantage basically the same as standing still.

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as many of these post that us true healers since alpha make lol, i’m sad to say that it may make it into live this way :frowning: .

Ya I just am holding out on a possible reversal of the 1sec cast on LE. Have all my mats to roll DE and splash gear if it doesn’t.

A lot of single target healers are talking about quitting or playing something else, Im i a LOT of wars as an above average healer and i think ill die a fair amount, im worried about the ones who are average and practicing, its gonna be a skill gap many cant pass, even for PVE… like tempest mid boss needs the fast LE, its gonna make it almost impossible for PVErs and PVPers

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(X-posting this from another thread to bring attention)

What I want to bring to attention is that +30%/-30% healing seems like too much.

Using MorrolanTV’s Guide’s “Armor Mitigation Calculator”, the amount of damage mitigation a player with 625 GS has versus a 625 GS weapon can be calculated for both a light and heavy armor wearer. The amount of damage mitigation each set provides can be seen below:
• Light armor mitigates 20.93% damage, leaving 79.07% of the original damage to come through
• Heavy armor mitigates 45.45% damage, leaving 54.55% of the original damage to come through

Within the PTR, armor loads now apply a multplicative bonus/penality of +30%/-30% for light/heavy, respectively. This means that light load heals are 185% as effective as heavy loads (1.3 ÷ .7)

Now, let’s look at effective healing, or how much healing provides based off the mitigation the user has. For light loads, every 1 point of damage is really only .7907 damage. The same could be said that every .7907 hp of healing effectively stops 1 damage. Since heals are 1.3 effective at this load, it could be said that every .6082 heal matches 1 damage.

Now, let’s do the same for heavy. For heavy loads, every 1 point of damage is really only .5455 damage. Since heals are .7 effective, it could be said that every .7792 heal matches 1 damage.

Burst damage asides, this means that a light load healer vs a heavy load healer effectively heals/mitigates 28.11% more damage than their heavy armor load counterpart. Meaning that a light armor wearer can be more tanky than a heavy load healer.

Asides from burst survivability, the heavy healer seems like they will be in a terrible place with these changes

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@PleaseFixMe I feel like I’m missing or not understanding some basic context you’re using for these numbers and how they apply in the real game. Would you mind helping me understand?

For example, @tnb119 ; what were the factors (buffs/stats/perks/weapon perks) at play that an LE hit for 11k? And in the environment of PTR changes, what would a heavy healer be healing for given the same conditions but in heavy instead? Exactly 30%? I can’t imagine so. I’m just thinking out loud here. Thanks for any answers!

I’m a 625 healer and personally not devastated at these changes, I myself have been messing around with Splash of Light + Orb + Sacred Ground. I miss the revitalizing beacon the most, or at least the thought of it.

That 11k was on a door during a war, probs had 1 or 2 intensify stack, a scared down, an orb def proced mending, and my melee has like no health. Ngl happened so fast I was shocked with the numbers one of those times I wish I was recording my vod so I knew what produced it

Let me try explaining using a scenario and maybe it’ll make more sense with what I’m trying to express

Let’s say we have two healers with the same everything, except HeavyHealer is in a heavy load and LightHealer is in a light load

Standing in their heals (beacon/sacred/orb of protection) the LightHealer is being healed for 1300hp/second where the HeavyHealer is only healed 700hp/second.

Lets say there is an enemy who hits for 100 dps/second against an unarmored target. Against LightHealer they’d do 79 dps/second and against HeavyHealer they’d do 54.5 dps/second (let’s not worry about fortifies as this would further complicate the math but shouldn’t matter since they’d be equally applied)

Now let’s go through some scenarios and see who ends up with more heals:

• If neither healer is being attacked, the LightLoad heals for 1300hp/second and the HeavyLoad heals for 700hp/second.

• If both are being attacked by 5 of these enemies, LightLoad heals 905hp/second where HeavyLoad heals 430hp/second

• If both are being attacked by 10 of these enemies, LightLoad heals 510hp/second where HeavyLoad heals 160hp/second

• If Both are being attacked by 15 of these enemies, LightLoad heals 115hp/second where HeavyLoad loses 110hp/second

• If Both are being attacked by 26 of these enemies, LightLoad loses 754hp/second where HeavyLoad loses 704hp/second

As we can see, there is no point where a HeavyHealer ever comes out with more heals than the LightHealer

We compare to how it is on LIVE (i.e., not the PTR), we’ll see
• A LightHealer heals more than a HeavyHealer (by about ~15% more)
• When taking damage, eventually the HeavyHealer will come out ahead (their mitigation overpowers the ~15% increase healing) [After being hit by 6 of these enemies they have equal healing, afterwards HeavyHealer gets more (IMO as they should)]

As it is on PTR, the LightHealer is always better in these scenarios. They’re almost twice as strong when not being hit, and when being hit they’re still stronger.

Does this help clear things up or where there other points you had questions on?

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