PTR Housing tax update, more gold dupes

We learned a lot from lower housing taxes in December, and want to further reduce the costs and friction with taxes to players that own homes and have greatly reduced housing taxes. We also increased the amount of company revenue earned from housing taxes to not soften any disruption to their income. We are continuing to evaluate and make optimizations to our overall territory tax system, here are the changes introduced for the February Monthly Release (not in the PTR):

  • Updated housing tax minimum band to 0.1% down from 5%.*
  • Updated housing tax maximum band to 1% down from 10%.*
  • Controlling company receives 5x coin from housing taxes.*

Could Housing Tax just be scrapped instead with no Upkeep on Houses, and just add a tax that doesn’t comes from player’s, but Settlement’s still receives every week that’s depended on how many upgrade’s a Settlement has.

With the new system who isn’t going to set the taxes to 1%, and still have Everfall and Windsward getting all the profits and with a lot of the other Settlements being pretty worthless.

That housing tax actually discourages casual player’s instead of just progression slower then player’s who play more, their pay far more in housing taxes pr hour played.
The economy of New World is already terrible, group’s of 5 players have paid over 100.000 gold for a consumable 3+ good perk items going for 100k +.

If the dev’s are going to add more gold inflation their might as well make more settlement’s worthwhile instead of select few.
Increasing the amount of territory conflict’s, also easier to adjust depending on how many upgrade’s a Settlement have the more gold it can receive giving a incentive to do invasions


In a year they will scrap house tax, travel and repair cost and probably expertise, just like all other mmos had done. Because its a bad idea and everybody alredy knows it but can’t admit they were wrong.


If you completely scrap taxes what exactly will be the reason why I should try to own a settlement? Because you know, you have to pay for maintenance, you need to upgrade stations, you need to defend it against invasions to prevent downgrading etc.

They need to find balance. It has to be worth to own a settlement, otherwise people just won´t care.

Do you have any suggestions of how to find this balance?


Or make houses worth more than a place to store trophies and fast travel.



Could Housing Tax just be scrapped instead with no Upkeep on Houses, and just add a tax that doesn’t comes from player’s, but Settlement’s still receives every week that’s depended on how many upgrade’s a Settlement has.

Already posted that in my initial post its about housing tax, it would be easier to make other Settlements worth more with a gold increase that doesn’t comes from housing tax, no housing taxes would also benefit casual player’s more.

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Hmmm… We seem to be at an impasse here. You want revenue to upgrade and maintain your settlement. That sounds reasonable.
However, the problem with that is you TAKE your revenue from OTHER PLAYERS. That’s a problem. That’s a BIG PROBLEM.
That at the fundamental level, (no proof, but it feels like it), is the taxation of non company players by companies the reason the game failed. If you have a company, with very low tax rate, (make maintenance cheap), you should be able to get enough revenue to maintain and upgrade, at least the main towns. Again, not an issue for the majority of players.
Now lets get to the problem. Your company is stealing our gold. That’s it. Why should your company be able to tax, upgrade, and KEEP millions of gold from other players every week?
We’ve already said we can lower the mainenance, the upgrade, the defense. Not a problem. But your company should not get our gold.
If you don’t see why this is a problem, you are not a socailist like me.


First of all no, im definitely not a socialist.

So nothing should be taken from other players? Owners have to pay taxes, they have to upgrade, they have to defend. All of that takes gold/time. Why should owners pay either in gold or in their time to maintain a city while other should pay nothing? Nonowners pay for not having to care, owners got taxes but have to take care of settlement, maintain stations etc.

We need to find balance between these 2. There must be an incentive to own settlements, otherwise whole war system is for nothing.



Why do they have to pay taxes to upgrade? Can’t the faction quests be used to upgrade? Can’t the PvP quests be used to upgrade defenses? Still not seeing a reason for you to steal other peoples gold.

Well, they want to be leetz! More Leetz! See, you get to run around and show everyone how cool you are. But still not a reason to take money from other players.

There is an incentive. Sort of like idiots who use fake bitcoin to buy worthless NFT links to stupid pictures that could disappear tomorrow. But hey! You OWNED that link, and you have proof!


Everytime I read “taxes are theft, I don’t want to pay for the benefits of others!”
It reminds me of some very special real life people :roll_eyes:


This is a fantasy world. Pray tell me how forcing players to work to support other players is in any way fun or fair.
It’s obvious you skipped the sesame street episodes when big bird taugh the socialist concepts of fairness and kindess.


I figured the free tax gold for settlements could be something like 100.000 gold for city’s that are level 25 I think upkeep is like 125.000 every week for tier25 so maybe it needs to be more.

Then like 50.000 gold for settlements at level 12, that’s enough to get some crafting stations up to tier5 with a tax of 12.000 gold every week.
And if a settlements fall’s under 12 upgrades the tax massively decreases to under 10.000 gold or something to encourage doing invasion’s and managing the settlements.

You still don´t get that. You support owners just like owners support you. You pay taxes (which are negligible) for having an access to tier 5 stations so you need to craft whatever you need which on the other hand need to be maintained by owners by paying for ownership + defending against other players and invasions. They need to spend in-game time to do certain activities to maintain their territory while you can do whatever else you want.

You only see that YOU need to pay some tax. Even owners themselves pay their taxes for owning a house, crafting or trading.


Creating gold out of thin air is how inflation got so bad in the first place. Here is what needs to be done so that taxes are worth the investment to the homeowners:

  • Increase crafting yield % for homeowners crafting in their city.

  • Supply carts provide scaling rewards to players within the faction AND homeowners outside of the faction based on their gathering level in that skill. Players with level 200 in that gathering skill have a chance for legendary drops from supply carts.

  • Allow for partial refunds on houses so that people can “vote with their feet” and move to other cities more easily based on their satisfaction with the town leadership.

  • Create community events (such as the monstrous turkey) that are only available to homeowners of the city. Events would be located at the fort and be instanced like a war or invasion.

  • Provide additional loot for homeowners from victories in invasions.


Now we are getting to the heart of the matter. I support the CITY, NOT the owners. If you absolutely need to have a gold sink, if you absolutely need mainenance, if you absolutely need taxes, that’s OK! I’m good with that.
Or as sesame street was supposed to teach you, ‘it’s not fair for some people to STEAL YOUR MONEY’. Yes, it’s STEALING MY MONEY,. If the owners don’t keep any gold, only decide what to upgrade, and don’t get to tax more than the cost of mainenance, that too is ok. But taking in millions of gold, not needed for upgrades or mainenance, well Elmo told me that’s wrong.


Time is money friend. Owners need to spend TIME to maintain their territory, you don´t have to. I don´t see a reason why owners should spend their time to provide you an advantage which you don´t pay for. Thats how it works, you can´t parasite on others.

Step 1: go the the control center and max taxes.
Step 2: upgrade city
Step 3: Keep excess gold.

I’m sure the amount of time selecting what to upgrade, letting players do quests to actually upgrade stuff, and collecting all your stolen gold is such a huge time sink, it’s GOT to be worth millions every week.
If you are the owners, maybe you get a diaper and crown, so everyone can see you are in charge. You don’t get my money.

Defend territory against other guilds, counter influence pushes with your own, defend against invasions, be ready at certain hour to join these wars/invasions. Ye sure, its just “max taxes, keep excess gold”.

You have no idea, sorry. While members of owning company have to participate in those activities, you can freely farm gold. You are not forced to log in certain day to do these activities, you can log in whenever you want and do whatever you want.

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I think the azoth changes can change this particular dynamic. There will really be no need for centralized crafting areas as I can pick up my mats and travel to wherever has the best taxes for crafting and then take my finished products to wherever has the best taxes for trading. No reason savvy owners of Cutlass Keys or Weavers Fen cannot become economic powers now.

Again, I don’t care. I REALLY and TRULY do not care which company controls the city. It’s a video game, it’s supposed to be fun. If you think it’s fun killing other players, that’s ok. I’m not going to stop you. But I am not going to pay to support you.
You miss the most fundamental aspect of what it means to be ‘fair’. It’s fair if I let you play the game you want. It’s fair if I play the game I want. It’s NOT FAIR if I have to pay you to play the game you want.
Again, go back and spend more time in a socialists state like the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. We will not stand for that. Even though Big Bird may be a raging socialists, the lessons of kindness and fairness are still good ones. Watch more sesame street.


I still don’t understand why coin has to come from the players. Why can’t the game just give you coin for owning a settlement? And that coin should not be useable for anything on the individual level…upkeep only. Owners could have a million other bonuses that make owning a settlement worthwhile…it doesn’t have to come from my pockets and go straight into theirs.