Weapons still suffering the 17 nerfs applied by into the void patch. Ice Gauntlet heavy attack can’t chain properly with heavy freeze (ice shower + heavy combo), you simply don’t have time by maths.
Fireball do not crit. Basic and Heavy attacks dmg are not enough using light armour.
dealing 800-1000 dmg is not enough! when you get 3k 4k 5k 6k damage in a single or double shot.

Ice Gauntlet change:
entomb now players can be healed by themselve, but can’t be healed by other players.
ice shower freeze the target for 3.5 second instead of 1s. Heavy freeze cooldown now being applied after 3 heavy attacks on target, 5>10sec cooldown.
Heavy freeze , freeze the target for 2.5 sec instead of 1s because heavy attack animation is now too slow.

SO the result is you would kill someone in 1v1 if the opponent were to push you too much and without thinking that much, so it gets punished by ice shower like it happened before the void patch, but at the same time the cooldown after the kill of 10sec, allow other players to push you and potientially kill you. that would be way more balanced.

*pre patch into the void 1.1.1 heavy freeze had 0 cooldown in description. New World OVERPOWERED PVP Fire Staff/Ice Gauntlet Guide Build (UPDATED) - YouTube xaryu’s video.

Firestaff change:
Fireball can crit.
Burnout animation time reduced ,because the animation is long and they can still prevent you to use it even in PTR.
Basic and heavy attacks damage increased by 5% and 7% while using light armour against heavy armour.


the dex range builds are way too powerful

especially compared to mage…

especially considering they dont even have to spend ammo in OPR, but mages have to still manage mana.

i hate the ‘wind-up’ before the burnout animation begins… compared to charge this skill is a joke.

AGS hates mages.

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