PTR - Ice Gauntlet's Ice Spikes dealing abnormal damage

So I was testing some stuff in PTR, dueled for hours and here is what I encountered:

If you use Ice Spikes with all upgrades, your Mighty Spike deals about 5k damage to heaviest-medium armor players (heavy head, heavy chest, medium gloves, light legs, medium shoes) which probaply means that you can one tap light armor players.

Since not many players prefer the skill “Ice Spikes” I’m not sure if it is a pre-existing thing or something that came with this patch. Unless the skill misses entirely, you will get the damage from all spikes even if some of the spikes aren’t in your direction.

I’m also not sure about if this is/was the intentional design but it seems to me like a bug caused by the game not being able to understand directions, similar to what happened with the “Rogue” perk and gaining extra damage even if you aren’t hitting from behind.

If it’s not a bug than it needs to be tuned down in my opinion, it does more damage than a musket Power Shot headshot. If it is a bug, please fix it before it hits the live servers!

it is normal and not a bug ffs, search the forum first. First of all its a Skill shoot.
The Spike itself fully upgrade have the following traits.

  1. The Spike Lane, which stagers you and can eventually push you in the Major Spike
  2. The Major Spike (most dmg) at the end of 8m or after you cancle it
  3. The Small Hits from the Major Spike (last trait), these can hit both your hitbox, if the spike is complety centered in a normal fight its just 1 hit.

So you can either hit 3 or 4 times, if you miss its only the spike lane dmg which deals like zero dmg. Its a high risk / high reward skill. So many people are not even trying to learn to play with this skill…

Oh yeah and btw you need to be im the 8m melee range of everyone to do it as a mage…

But with your musket you can relax at 50m with some nice cold coca cola^^"

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