PTR not appearing

I have not gotten the PTR in my steam library, anyones have this problem?

release should be in a hours time.

PTR was in my Libary after restarting Steam. But after installing PTR it´s just open the browser with the PTR site of New World lol


Lol it seems the devs got jokes

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I would hope so given how tough their job has gotta be lol.

PS Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Lol thanks for the welcome, I normally just read through :slight_smile:

same for me, the interesting thing is the download completed in about 2 seconds. The New World install is 39.9GB and the PTR is currently 4KB so looks like a placeholder and the source is not there yet

Update from the awesome @Luxendra:

Looks like we will have it any minute now! :smiley:

I guess amazon just want us to get more and more annoyed with them… :man_shrugging:

Why would they say 3PM EST if they can’t get it ready close to that time. They should either not announce a set time, or actually give themselves enough time. hilarious

Imagine being excited to be a beta tester again.

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Again? Did we stop or have I missed something? :smiley:

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Looks good now PTR now shows at 38gb on the steam install. lets get going

Hello all,

Just in case, please check Welcome and Thank you! for PTR information. :wink:

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I play on a USA East server and the PTR still doesn’t show in my Steam library. I have logged into and out of Steam numerous times, often accompanied by shutting down and restarting my computer. The last time I tried this was moments ago.

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I had a similar issue. I had to go to my Steam library, and go to the sorting bar on the upper left and select Tools for it to appear.

Screenshot 2021-11-16 215154

If you’ve done that, then I’m not sure, but I would be happy to try and troubleshoot various ideas to see if we can’t get you sorted?

Thanks for your suggestion. As it turned out, I had hid the beta for NW after the game was released. Somehow, Steam thought that I wanted the PTR hidden too. I was able to unhide it and load it.

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