PTR Not working

You say that like it isn’t a common occurrence to have a test realm for content before you put it into the main game.

having same issue.

Funny, they actually can pay people to do this for them…

they said in the notes ptr went live today at 12pm PT so we should all be able to get online to it

“will go”

doesnt mean it worked till then…

Obviously they aren’t keeping to that timeframe, but haven’t posted an update on an eta.

reading helps

a lot of games have PTRs to test new game content before it goes live. why would you think it wouldnt come out on a full release game

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They haven’t posted anything since 3pm est when the servers were suppose to be available. It would be nice to have some sort of eta.

open eyes
they are working on, means it wont be live, before they say…


thank you for clarifying where to find the post!

Eyo we arguing in the forums boys? Love it; honestly having fun with the game, can’t wait to try out the void gauntlet.
I’ll be paying attention to twitter for the PTR announcements

i agree. it will be nice for healers to finally have true focus weapon as a secondary. especially with the amber gems not actually changing your stats to focus correctly

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:green_square: Sorry, no my friend, MARAUDERS ARE WE :green_square:

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there is a patch btw

Ah, no world yet.

No world sets are displaying in either realm

It’s downloading now, a little later than the redirect you kept spamming earlier stipulated. no big deal.

When you get in make sure to select either EU central or US East, atm the servers are under maintenace

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