PTR: November 10th, 2022 Patch Notes

PTR: November 10th, 2022 Patch Notes

Please note that this list is not all encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through retail release of the game version.




  • Adjusted the damage fall off of the Musket shots.
  • Adjusted the Musket damage falloff to reduce the damage by 60% at the full 125m, and 30% with the Ballistic Advantage Passive. This is increased from the previous 37.5% and 18.75% with Ballistic Advantage.
  • Fixed an issue where Musket’s Shooter’s Stance wasn’t always going on cooldown properly.
  • Updated the functionality of the Empowering Shooter’s Stance Perk. Previously it would give one Powerful Empower on every hit of Shooter’s Stance, this was incredibly strong in PvP.
    • Updated effect to now grant a stack of 4%-15% empower (Depending on Gear Score and if on weapon/armor) for every hit while in Shooter’s Stance.
      • Effect can stack up to 4 times.
      • Extend the duration of the Empower buff from 3s to 6s
      • Buff is now removed when exiting Shooters Stance.


  • Removed the unusable dye slots from Stormbound Kiteshield, Roundshield, and Towershield.
  • Cannon Blast: Increased base damage by 20%.
  • Detonate: Reduced critical damage multiplier from 1.3 → 1.2
  • Reduced Escalating Explosion damage bonus from 30% → 20%.


  • Fixed an issue where the Energizing, Siphoning, and Leeching runeglass taunt gem cooldowns were preventing threat generation and taunts from being triggered if the cooldown was active.


Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Hatchet Agonizer had the incorrect strength attribute.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hatchet Culling Burn had the incorrect strength attribute.

Trade Skills


  • Adjusted the station tier requirement and lowered the Tradeskill requirement for material conversions from 150 to 0 as we no longer have tiers of refining materials.


  • Fixed an issue that caused certain items (Desecrated Maul, Dark Pyromancer’s Spellstaff, Abyssal Strike, Frostwall, Heart’s Tendril Trinket, Tundra Warden’s Rifle, Cave Crawler) to not drop as expected from The Depths Mutator. These items should now be more frequent in that Mutator.


Garden of Genesis

  • Music now plays in Garden of Genesis.

Starstone Barrows

  • Fixed a Collision issue where players were able to bypass the mist wall in Starstone Barrows.

Tempest Heart

  • Fixed an issue that causes the Reliquary to disappear when the carrier dies.

The Ennead

  • Fixed an issue where enemies within the Terrace of the Creator would have problems moving to players behind obstructions.



  • Players with no Leaderboard rewards no longer receive an end of rotation notification.
  • Fixed an issue with ranking and rewards for tie players on Leaderboard reward screen
  • Fixed Leaderboard filters.
  • Reset page number when changing Leaderboards


  • Housing decorations will no longer appear in the decoration menu before loading is complete



  • Fix flicker when Always Show Weapons is off. Hide weapon abilities when using a gathering tool.
  • Map Filters now save across sessions.

In-Game Store

  • Fixed an issue that caused item skins to become unequipped when players log back in.

Notable Fixes

  • Speculative fix for players rarely only seeing a “Random” option (that does not work) when attempting to respawn in OPR.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error message in the “purchase transfer” tooltip to not always being correctly localized.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the warning about checking into an Inn to appear incorrectly when leaving town.
  • Fixed an issue where an ability specific perk displayed the wrong ability icons
  • Fixed an issue that caused the dropdown menu to not properly function when selected
  • Fixed an issue where the conversation window with NPC briefly re-displays after completing a quest
  • When killed by a factionless player in Outpost Rush, the player’s icon will display appropriately on the Death’s Door screen.
  • Corrected which Gauntlet Ring renders for Stormbound Boid Gauntlet


  • Removed the world name from the filter drop down in Leaderboards.
  • Updated messaging for error when player cannot chat.

World Experience

  • Fixed an issue that caused crashes.
  • Moved gleamite chunk from being inside rock


  • ‘Grasping Twilight’, ‘Dusky Focus’, and ‘Hold Back the Night’ quests can be reset to re-grant the required quest recipe
  • Removed bottleneck on Bear Co-Habitation quest by increasing amount of bears spawning in area.
  • Removed Lore Note in First Light that left players in a stuck reading animation.
  • Allowed for William Heron’s last two side quests that delve into Amrine and Starstone Barrows to be accessed by all players who’ve completed the Everfall Main Story Quest.
  • Empty Faction mission quest loots are no longer shown as lootable and cannot be looted until they reset
  • Fixed an issue for quests that required players to enter an expedition as a step. They now complete regardless of Group Fnder or door usage.
  • Updated Greatsword Icons to improve visual quality.

New Item Test

Reflexive Potions are a new item we are testing in PTR. These potions self-activate when the player’s corresponding vitals drop below 50%.

For example, the Infused Reflexive Health Potion triggers itself when the player’s Health is below 50%.

The convenience of this behavior is intended to be offset by the longer cooldown (40 seconds vs 30 seconds versus the normal potions), the inefficiency of them triggering right below 50%, and their crafting cost.

Players are welcome to equip both Reflexive and Normal potions, though portions of the same vital will share cooldowns and won’t stack their effects. Based on early feedback we’ve received about these potions, we will continue to evaluate them.

We would like to thank our PTR players and larger community for sharing their thoughts with us on this feature and others.

Be assured that we are committed to listening to our community, and we promise to consider your feedback carefully as we continue making New World a great experience.


In this PTR update, we added a few economic changes which help maintain a healthy balance between coin going in and out of the economy.

We’ve seen significant increases in coin generation from economy updates in our July and October updates. With many returning players impacting our world economies, we see a need to get the balance of coin generation and breadth of rewarding activities back to healthy balance. Specifically we are reducing coins earned from Lost Sack of Coins to 250 per bag, and returning Trade Post tax to 5%, the standard in player driven marketplaces in MMOs.

We removed Lost Sack of Coins from elite chests as the chests are very rewarding on their own now, and have chosen to make Darkness Breaches the only source for players to get Lost Sacks of coin and removed them from all chest drop tables. Tuning of the economy is ongoing in New World, and we’ll make adjustments as needed to ensure balance for long term health.

We are also correcting a trend where we’ve seen a supply outpacing demand for T5 Iron Hide, making it less valuable than other tiers of hide due to it’s excessive availability. We will be cutting the quantity per Iron hide drop by ~50%. As always we are continuing to heavily monitor the economy and will continue to work towards continually improving it and keeping it healthy!

  1. Reduced coin in Lost Sack of Coins to 250 per bag down from 500.
  2. Lost Sacks of Coins no longer drop from any chests. They now only come from Darkness Breaches.
  3. Increased tradepost tax to 5.0% from 2.5%
  4. Reducing T5 hide drops by roughly 50%