PTR: October 27th, 2022 Patch Notes

PTR: October 27th, 2022 Patch Notes

Please note that this list is not all encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through retail release of the game version.


Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused impact effects to not always play when taking melee damage from the Warhammer Lost Knight.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Corruption enemies to not play their running animation while navigating
  • Heartgem ability Vine visual effects now viewable at a distance to 75m.
  • Admiral Blackpowder’s attacks are now subject to Expedition Mutation-based difficulty scaling.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to continually slide while in Deaths Door state.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cunning Heartrune of Stoneform used naming inconsistent with the other Heartrunes.
  • Fixed an issue with enemies showing a “Stunned” Icon when they were not successfully stunned by an attack.
  • Heartrune: Stone Form: Fortifying Form now applies Fortify separately from the Stone Form status effect.
  • Interactions are now disabled while aiming.
  • Polished the sound effects for the Hellmouths.
  • Status effects will now apply the strongest stack instead of the most recent stack to targets.
  • Updated all magic weapon buffers for weapon swapping. Swapping from magic weapons should be more predictable.
  • Updated the sound effects for Bandits in Brimstone Sands.
  • Updated the sound effects for several Ancient in Brimstone Sands.
  • Updated the sound effects for several Ancients in Brimstone Sands.

Expedition AI

  • Fixed an issue that caused Anpu’s Inferno Slam to kill players through Death’s Door.
  • Fixed an issue where Archdeacon Azamela would not trigger a victory wipe properly when all players were at Death’s Door.
  • Fixed an issue where the fire from Thorpe’s Darkness Calls is not able to continuously apply damage to the player.
  • Fixed an issue with passive AI in Tempest’s Heart ignoring threat and taunts.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Heru’s Divine Doom.

Game Modes


  • Fixed an issue where multiple Void Destroyers could overlap each other.

Outpost Rush

  • Fixed an issue where healing numbers were visible when the buff from killing Baroness Hain in Outpost Rush was obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where other group members invites would be withdrawn if another member accepted an invite.
  • Fixed an issue where the queue window wouldn’t always close after invites pop up for Arena and Outpost Rush.
  • Removed the Infused Endurance Potion from the Armory.

PvP Arenas

  • Fixed an issue where attributes wouldn’t display properly when players where in the spectator box in PvP Arenas.
  • Fixed an issue with accepting an Arena invite while in an Expedition. Opening an Expedition now removes active invites from the player.


  • Fixed an issue where war invites wouldn’t display if a player was logged out or backed out to the Main Menu when they were sent.



  • Fixed an issue where rapidly canceling a Light Attack while rolling multiple times can cause Stamina to enter an Exhausted state.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the dodge roll animation if you rapidly swapped weapons.


  • Fixed an issue where AI would sometimes veer to the left when pathing.


  • Adjusted issue where the base duration and max duration of the Shirking Fortification perk was set to the same value. Base value was meant to be lower. Reduced duration of fortify from 6s to 4s.
  • Fixed an issue where perks that provide additional damage instances (e.g. Chain, Keenly Jagged, Augmented Frozen, etc) were not providing Heartgem charge.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shirking Elemental damage perks was applying damage to all targets hit by the next attack and not just the next hit.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fortifying Whirlwind perk had the Slash damage bonus and the Fortify combined into a single effect resulting in it not obtaining all the benefits of each effect.Separated the effect into two effects and properly categorized each properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Runeglass Taunt gems were not properly working with Berserk, Riposte, and Defender’s Resolve AOE Taunts.
  • Updated the Keen Speed tooltip to match the updated duration of 5s. Also increased the max duration so that any effect that extends the duration of haste effects could extend Keen Speed’s duration.
  • Updated the Mortal Empowerment perk’s tooltip to add additional clarity into functionality.



  • Fixed an issue where Splitting Grenade Mini Grenades would not always detonate in sync with each other.
  • Fixed an issue where the effects from the Blunderbuss Passive “On a Roll” were persisting through weapon swaps.
  • Fixed an issue where the effects from the Blunderbuss Ultimate “Unload” were persisting through weapon swaps


  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect arrow projectile sizes when using the Bow passive Arrow Range. Now all primary arrow shots will have a radius of 0.15 and all charged shots will have a radius of 0.33.
  • Updated Evade Shot projectile to work correctly with passive Arrow Range with a radius of 0.33.
  • Updated Explosive Arrow projectile size to have a radius of 0.33 from 0.05.
  • Increased the recovery prior to the dodge cancel window after the final shot of Bow’s Rapid Shot. Dodge cancel window was previously too short after the shot allowing players to easily bypass the final shot’s recovery, as well as exit the action prior to the arrow hitting the target.


  • Added additional clarity to the Faultless Defender’s passive tooltip.
  • Fixed a typo in the description for the Greatsword’s Intimidating Roar mastery node.
  • Updated the Faultless Defender Tooltip to clarify that the Rend is only applies to attackers that hit the player while the effect is active.
  • Updated the Greatsword Ultimate Undying Defiance tooltip to include additional clarity on a block hit being required to obtain the healing bonus.
  • Fixed a typo in the Relentless Refresh upgrade tooltip.
  • Updated the Relentless Power tooltip to better describe functionality.

Great Axe

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Maelstorm ability to absorb friendly and neutral projectiles.


  • Added additional clarity to the Hatchet Feral Rush tooltip to indicate what attack staggers.
  • Added additional clarity to the Hatchet’s Persistent Hindrance ability description.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Defy Death to trigger while down.
  • Fixed an issue with Hatchet Aimed Throw animations causing deformations to the player’s face.
  • Updated Rending Throw to not interrupt player movement during the throw. Adjusted some timing of the attack and cancel windows to fit better with the new functionality.
  • Updated Social Distancing to not interrupt player movement during the throw, if the player is moving forwards/sideways, but if they are strafing backwards or standing idle, they will perform the backwards dodge.
    • Adjusted the timing of the attack and cancel windows to fit better with the new functionality while moving. Removed the Stagger from Social Distancing to compensate for the added versatility to ensure the ability remains mainly focused on zoning, and also increased the damage from 100% to 115% weapon damage and increased the slow from 25% to 30%.

Life Staff

  • Fixed an issue where the Divine Embrace upgrades Shared Struggle and Rebound were not consistently bouncing to the nearby targets when activated.


  • Fixed an issue where impact effects for the Musket may play even if the shot missed.
  • Allowed player to move while throwing Sticky Bomb.
  • Removed the stagger from Sticky Bomb to compensate for increased usability.
  • Allowed the loading of both power shot and powder burn to be performed while moving.
  • Ballistic Advantage Passive:
  • Updated passive to no longer remove damage fall off entirely, but reduce damage fall off by 50% after 50m.
  • Hit your Mark Passive:
  • Updated passive to apply to all hits and not just headshots and critical hits.


  • Made it so movement speed is not completely halted while tossing the Spear’s Javelin. Additionally made it so tapping the ability button while aiming would throw the Javelin instead of sheathing it.

Void Gauntlet

  • Fixed an issue where the Essence Rupture upgrade, Overflowing Essence, wouldn’t trigger if the enemy dies before the debuff ended.

World AI

  • Fixed an issue that caused Cloudhulk’s animation to stutter during patrol navigation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Corrupted Cyclop’s eye beam attack to not deal damage.
  • Fixed an issue that caused smoke trails from Lost Navigator’s pistols to originate from the incorrect gun.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Mage’s spawns wouldn’t die immediately when they reached 0 health.
  • Improved pathing of Wolves and other AI creatures while patroling to ensure they more accurately reach their destinations.
  • Reduced the range on camera shake applied by the Corrupted Cyclops to 7m.



  • Added the Smelting Refining crafting clothing to some Named enemies in Brimstone.
  • Adjusted the rarity for a certain schematics from Epic to Legendary to match the craftable item.
  • Adjusted the tool tip for Umbral Shards. The tool tip on Umbral Shards should be easier to understand.
  • Based on player feedback, resolved cloth crafted dresses not using the correct attribute and gem slot chance. Great catch, explorers!
  • Fixed a typo on Chitin armor pieces.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the icons for some items to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Greatsword Wodao dropped at T4 from the Dynasty Shipyard mutator.
  • Fixed an issue with localization where the Tormentors Finger Curse ring was incorrectly named as the Heralds Finger Curse.
  • Fixed an issue with the Crystalline Crusher War Hammer not using its updated appearance.
  • The Bow Fangs of Setcheh has had its Plagued Strikes perk swapped for Plagued Crits.
  • The Life Staff Petra Ataraxia has had its Plagued Strikes perk swapped for Refreshing.
  • The Prerogative gauntlet has been renamed to “Naturally Cold” and the text has been changed to “Some things are just cold by nature.”
  • Updated crafting schematic icons for weapon schematics to display a weapon on their icon to be more recognizeable.
  • Updated the crafting recipe for specific crafted weapons with a filled gem slot to include the gem in the crafting recipe.
  • Updated the name of the perk “Spirit Alignment” to “Soul Alignment” and adjusted the description.
  • Updated the War/Invasion ammo to no longer have weight.


  • A schematic is no longer required to craft the Mother’s Love statuette.
  • Ash Casual Chair now uses Ash Wood Stain instead of Maple Wood Stain in its crafting recipe.
  • First house purchase is now a flat 5000 coins. Tier 1 houses now unlock at Level 1 territory standing (previously Level 10).
  • Fixed an issue on Grimoire Lectern that caused certain camera angles to muffle its sound.


  • Changed requirements for achievements “Handy Person” , “I Got This” , and “General Contractor” to be more reasonable based on player feedback.
  • Territory Standing gained from Town Board Quests increased by 40%.


  • Added Fishing Gathering set to the Named enemies in Brimstone.
  • Adjusted rare Trophy component drops to be less frustrating to obtain.
  • Armadillos now drop Game Meat when skinned, while still dropping Armadillo Meat as a rare drop.
  • Epic Weapon Quests now reward one Gypsum Orb per completed quest in each quest-line.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Small Cactus to not give the bonus Motes when using a 600+ Sickle with an Alignment perk.
  • Fixed an issue where some items from Casts where not giving proper Salvage items.
  • Fixed an issue where some level 60+ Named Elite enemies would not drop Obsidian Gypsum.
  • Fixed an issue where the Expedition Entrance user interface was not showing certain items with the correct Gear Score.
  • Glyphstones now have the same chance to drop from containers as from enemies. Boosted drop rate for Glyphstones that drop in particularly small POIs.
  • Music pages awarded by crafting stations now only drop once per day per station.
  • Quest “Search of Plunder” now rewards a ring.
  • The music pages for Weaver’s Webb, Soup of the Day, and My Home can be acquired by using the Loom, Cooking, or Engineering crafting station. The player’s first craft at each station has a 20% chance of resulting in a music page.
  • Updated the Named Greatsword Wodao to properly display as T5 in crafting menu.


  • Removed the Change Taxes/Fees button at the Governor’s Desk now that those rates are fixed.

Trade Skills


  • Description for Runeglass Cases now indicates that players can embed a gem at a Stonecutting Table.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting higher tier breach materials giving less Stonecutting experience than crafting lower tier materials.
  • Fixed an issue with Dungeon Replica Greatswords having Engineer Salvage tables instead of Weaponsmithing Salvage tables.
  • Removed the three recipes for Shields that allowed the use of the Runestone Stopwatch as there isn’t a point in crafting a GS600 Shield, as a Shield can’t roll Legendary.
  • Reworked the Crafting Categories for Weaponsmithing and Engineering.


  • Adjusted Fishing to cast when standing further back from edge on raised platforms above water.


Notable Fixes

  • The “Tough Times” Greatsword is now craftable using Materia.
  • Blackguard’s Greatsword is now available to craft using Dungeon Materia.

Global Mutators

  • Fixed an issue where the Combustible mutation tooltips showed outdated information about damaging AI. Removed the damaging AI portion and added clarification to tooltips.
  • Added custom sound effects for the chest celebration that occurs at the end of a mutated Expedition.

Barnacles & Black Powder

  • Fixed an issue where some of the Young Alligators attacks resulted in zero damage in Barnacles and Black Powder.

Dynasty Shipyard

  • Resolved an issue where boss music in Dynasty Shipard would stop playing if the party died during the boss fight and attempted it again.

Garden of Genesis

  • Fixed an issue in Garden of Genesis where the The Blighted Greenskeeper’s poison pool would persist after a party wipe.
  • Fixed an issue where the the interaction for using the purifying flame would sometimes fail to happen in Garden of Genesis.

Starstone Barrows

  • The description forThe Starstone Barrows Expedition has been updated.

Tempest Heart

  • Toned down the brightness on High Maiden Lai’s Spinning Dragon attack in Tempest’s Heart Expedition to be more friendly for players with photosensitivity.
  • Collision has been updated to be more accurate in Isabella’s arena in Tempest Heart expedition.

The Depths

  • Fixed an issue where Thorpe’s Hunger of the Void attack would not be disabled upon his death.
  • Resolved an issue where incorrect footstep sound effects would sometimes play Expeditions.

The Ennead

  • Added rock footsteps in Ennead Dungeon.
  • Resolved an issue where General Crassus was missing subtitles for his death.



  • Fixed an issue where characters in friends list couldn’t be removed after a world merge.
  • Fixed an issue where blocked players were not shoping up in the blocked list.


  • Adjusted facial animation for Headbanging Emote.
  • Changed the currency icon for Azoth to remove confusion between vials and currency icons.
  • Fixed an issue when wearing Shroud of the Pharaoh pants.
  • Icons for Instruments are now larger, making Instruments easier to identify.
  • Revised Camp skin tooltip to reflect how it currently works in the game, apply skins at Campsite instead of Inventory.
  • Unfactioned Company members now display Company crest including Faction colors
  • Updated Infused Silk icon.
  • “Regular Expeditions Remaining” counter is now removed from Soul Trial “Necropolis of Sutekh” since it does not spend an Expedition counter.
  • Added a dark background behind newsletter button on the main menu to make it more visible.
  • Added new unread icon to lore pages.
  • Added warning countdown timer to Musical Performances when inactivity timeout is imminent.
  • Double-click to learn the recipe is now gone from the action menu while the item is in Settlement Storage. Player can still learn the recipe while it is in Settlement Storage by choosing the option in the item action menu, but double-clicking only moves the item to the Player’s inventory.
  • Fixed an issue when unlocking the first mutated Expedition, the reward was not centered on the rewards banner.
  • Fixed an issue where Attributes wouldn’t display properly if a Shield was equipped without a Sword.
  • Fixed an issue where currency ingredients were not listed correctly in the crafting menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Main Story Quest waypoints would show in the compass during Outpost Rush and 3v3 Arenas.
  • Fixed an issue where Platinum was using the incorrect icon when tracked on the Compass.
  • Fixed an issue where Runeglass items and Chitin Padding stated they could be socketed in any item with a socket. Updated text for each item to mention the specific items types of items they can be socketed in.
  • Fixed an issue where the crafting screen would show the wrong perk as being disabled unless the item was crafted at a higher Gear Score. Similarly, the tooltip in the crafting screen was updated to hide the correct disabled perk.
  • Fixed an issue where the Engineering icon for the Forge header wasn’t using the correct icon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Store, Crafting, and Settings screens did not close when clicking outside their main window area like all other screens.
  • Fixed an issue with Misaligned Legendary Fish Icons to now match the model seen in-game.
  • Fixed capitalization issue in Arena spectator message.
  • Fixed some instances where an item would show a lower rarity than it should.
  • Instrument recipes now properly display the correct rarity.
  • Updated Trade Skill screen to show three reward markers instead of four.
  • When crafting with your last crafting mod item, it will now properly be cleared before your next craft.

In-Game Store

  • Fixed an issue that caused ncorrect preview animations when cycling through weapons quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would repeatedly reload the Blunderbuss during skin previews.
  • Fixed an issue with the store preview not showing the correct preview if you already have a skin equipped.
  • Fixed ian ssue where weapon idle animations wouldn’t play properly after previewing Shields in the store.
  • Players can now search for words that include accented characters without using the accents.


  • Fixed an issue on the container opening screen where stackable items would show more than once if you created a new stack.
  • Fixed an issue where Musical Instruments were showing weapon attributes in the Crafting Screen.
  • Inventory and Storage now allow for sorting in Ascending and Descending order.
  • Redesigned the presentation of Journal Documents.
  • Territory Planning screen now shows coin total.
  • Updated the Tradeskill recipe list to show more accurate tooltips for the items being unlocked.
  • Weapon equipped Tooltip no longer appears after interacting with the Craft button.

Trading Post

  • Contracts viewed at the Trading Post will now correctly display Expertise scaling information.
  • Updated error message when joining a Musical Performance while using the Trading Post.

World Experience

  • Audio now plays when using the Dig a Grave, Panic, and Stab emotes.
  • Fixed a bug where Settlement and Outpost Inns had incorrect names.
  • Fixed issues with visual effects, materials, and collission in Brimstone Sands.
  • Updated Mountain Temple stairs and surrounding cliffs for smoother pathing.
  • Updated Remnant boss encounter cooldown.

Brimstone Sands

  • Adjusted cutscene for Unraveling the Mystery quest to allow for full voice over duration across all languages
  • Adjusted drop rate on Cactus Flower item for ‘Flower of the Sands’ quest
  • Adjusted map pin for “Unraveling the Mystery”.
  • Adjusted timing and polished some of the sound effects for the Sandworm.
  • Fixed an issue that caused screen blur when opening journal during ‘Head of the Snake’ quest.
  • Fixed an issue where not all Servus were marked for the “Honoring the 19th” quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the interaction at the Temple of Thoth teleporter was duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue where the map pin was not present in ‘The Demon’s Cauldron’ quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rotating Puzzle Rings were missing sound effects.
  • Fixed an issue with the visual effects in Apophis Trial exit portal.
  • Fixed incorrect target AI name for the ‘Gods’ Demand’ quest
  • Hellmouths now have correct compass icon.
  • Mature Highlands Scorpions in Brimstone Sands have been adjusted
  • Players can now chart Sculler’s Rare Fishing Hotspot and Oasis Secret Fishing Hotspot without wading deep into the water.
  • Removed line breaks from Imhotep’s dialogue to improve subtitle display
  • Removed redundant map pin during The Antiquarian’s Dream quest
  • Removed redundant task pin on Ancient Code Pillar interactable object
  • Removed unnecessary map pins from the ‘Power of the Ancients’ quest.
  • Set the pin for the entrance of the Ordeal of the Nine Gates to persist through the duration of the puzzle
  • Updated Imhotep respawn rate.
  • Updated map pin text for “Eye of Horus” quest.

Notable Fixes

  • Added a message if a player attempts to Fish or start a Musical Performance while in combat.
  • Added the ability to invite players without Factions to company.
  • Changed wording to more accurately reflect the cooking of baits that can be crafted.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an open song title in the song select menu would cause animation glitching.
  • Fixed an issue where the unsheathing sound did not always play when selecting an Instrument in Musical Performances.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windsward War Camp was not showing on the map.
  • Increased Fay the Last Protector’s spawn rate when there are multiple players in the area.
  • Invisible tree in Ebonscale Reach has been removed.
  • Prevented Musical Performances from being created inside houses.
  • Resolved an issue where Grace O’Malley’s Polish voice over would cut off.
  • Resolved an issue where the sound effects for destroying nodes in the Blossoming Threat quest would not play.


  • Added audio to Incubating Corruption Nodules during Adiana’s Fountain quest.
  • Resolved an issue where Corruption Nodules wouldn’t play sound effects during Adiana’s Fountain quest.
  • Added missing Lore Pages/Chapters or removed from Achievement requirements.
  • Added missing voice over with NPCs: Watcher Lin, Watcher Reynolds, Commander Hakim, Alchemist Zhi, Hughes Ducquet, Yonas Alazar, and Adjudicator Hansen
  • Clarifiied location for completing specific Syndicate Faction Quests.
  • Fixed an issue where completed quest pins did not appear on the map or compass.
  • Fixed an issue where the bones were not counting for the “Bones for Barkimedes” quest.
  • Fixed an issue where Foreman’s Ledger Amrine quest couldn’t be completed.
  • Fixed an issue with Faction quests not showing the correct location on the map.
  • Fixed an issue with the Reaper Locus Expedition quest so it no longer requires the player to be at the Shattered Obelisk location in the world. Now the player can join the quest into the Expedition from anywhere in the world and it will successfully progress.
  • Fixed typo in lore “Between Colleagues”.
  • Fixed typos within Main Story Quest rewards.
  • Removed the lingering corruption at the Daughterwell after completing quest Adiana’s Fountain.
  • Removed the weight from the Transference Seal, Transference Charm, Transference Icon, and Transference Ward used in the Protective Wyrd armor, the Darkened Agent , Shadowed Agent, Shaded Agent, and Tenebrous Agent used in the Shrouded Intent armor and the Spark of Battle, Spark of Adrenaline, Spark of Willpower, and Spark of Impulse used in Battle’s Embrace.
  • Removed Cleave the Corrupt (Elite) Faction Mission quest due to missing interaction point.
  • Southguard Scout kills now count towards Wooden Hearts and Iron Heads in the quest “Forging the Azure Ravager”.
  • Tiger now drops Large Fang.
  • Added some additional lighting to Commander Thorpe’s room in the Depths.
  • Adjusted our loot buckets to make more Named Items available to drop. These items are in the global bucket, but may be added to specific bosses or creatures in the future.
  • Crafting and Tradeskills Event user interface clearly explains experience gain and bonuse in the toolip.
  • Fixed an issue causing Admiral Blackpowder’s barrels to get stuck in walls and go through gates.
  • Fixed an issue that caused lasers to pierce arcane protection barrier.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tier label was shown for items with no Tier in the Kitchen, Smelter or Gypsum Kiln crafting stations.
  • Harvest Barley Dye was previously available at Tier 3 Kitchens, but its level requirement meant it was intended for Tier 4 Kitchens. It will now be unlocked at Tier 4 Kitchens.
  • Updated Sword and Shield Mmastery images to include a Shield.

Notable Fixes

  • Adjusted Scout Hood to cover hair.
  • Aegis of the Father Kite Shield and Orichalcum Kite Shield can now be dyed.
  • Discarded item bag now shows proper weight limit.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Frostwall and Creeping Cold Ice Gauntlets.
  • Fixed aan issue where Bacchanal and Conviviality Armor sets were displayed as Medium equipment load instead of Light.
  • Fixed an issue where Wicked Warrior’s Great Axe was held incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Azoth reflectors sound effects were too low.
  • Fixed an issue with Deepspring’s Succor helmet clipping.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Amethyst-based Runeglass from applying proper visual effectswhen slotted into weapons.
  • Fixed visual issues with the Bloodthirsty Count skin.
  • Fixen an issue with the Company roster Faction icons not updating to reflect current affiliation.
  • Adjusted the volume of the thunder that plays in the Intro Cutscene.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Fallen Spirit’s Breastplate apparel skin.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Metal Raven gloves.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Bloodthirsty Count apparel skin.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Death Coronation Boots.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Forsaken Cloth Shirt.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Hypatia armor skin.
  • Fixed an issue where player’s weapons would not be hidden when viewing the Faction Mission Board.
  • Fixed an issue with animation breaking after an AFK kick while in the store.
  • Fixed an issue with animations not working correctly when previewing emotes in the shop. Hovering into and out of an emote icon will no longer end the preview animation.
  • Fixed an issue with armor dyeing where cloth from an applied skin would not be cleared for your underlying armor when opening the dye window.
  • Fixed an issue with clipping when crouching for Baalphazu’s Mantle.
  • Fixed an issue with clipping while holding a weapon for the Twitch Drop armor skin ‘Death’s Beckoning’.
  • Fixed an issue with Imhotep’s Sanstorm phasing.
  • Fixed duplicate crest image in the Plant Crest pack to have appropriate Hemp \Plant image.
  • Fixed French localization for “Amrine” so the Expedition is capitalized.
  • Fixed missing voice over for Johanna Maes.
  • Fixed visual issues with the Titania and Dark Scion Leggings skins.
  • Fixed voice over for Commander Maximo and Imhotep.
  • Players won’t hear Music Instruments if they’re interacting with a quest NPC.
  • Polished the sound effects for the Turret Beam in Brimstone Sands.
  • Removed the clapping sound effect from Musical Instruments.
  • Resolved an issue where the Singing Fish housing item would stop playing music when players would leave the area and come back.
  • Updated descriptions for Named weapon schematics for consistency.
  • Updated Ponder emote so that sound effect doesn’t continue after ending.
  • Weapon previews no longer break if you have no weapons equipped but have a Shield equipped.
  • You can longer access the inventory while under collision that prevents you from standing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain War & Invasion defensive structures sometimes starting on cooldown when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed an issue where active Wars may show “Dec 31” for their date.
  • Fixed an issue where some Faction Shop shields were labeled as the incorrect Shield type.
  • Fixed an issue with Wars sometimes failing to reschedule properly after a server crash.
  • Polished several impact sounds within Brimstone Sands.
  • Updated the Turkey housing pet to have unique sound effects.
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