PTR patch arena changes

“There will not be a limit to how many consumables you can use or how many types of consumables you can use. Provided that you are in the PvP arena, as long as you have that type of consumable, you will be able to use it as many times as you want provided the cooldown is up.”

I mean rlly? I like pvp wher we don’t have bruisers with fortify on max and t5 dust in addition to it. As mage i literaly do 400-500dmg to them while they run 13k+ hp.

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I like idea behind this change but the UI doesn’t really support it, tbh.

Hopefully they don’t allow dust/oak flesh.

I actually think it is fine how it is. I make sure I consume my attribute food for pressing F1. It isn’t hard.

I pitched this exact idea months ago, even though I was against it for economic reasons.

I mean dust/oak makes sense in large scale combat like wars. But on small scale like 3v3 arena they are just op.

The need to add a solo queue to arenas next patch.

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Nothings OP when everybody has the same access to it.

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They can’t. Most servers are ±1k players peek. Even with 2k you would not have enought players. They can’t add more pvp modes in fact until they make this all cross server.

Id probably never stop queueing and Ive done maybe 20 arenas since they launched lol.

Ofc its op. Since medium or heavy with max fortify is already super tanky. When you add additional reduction on top of that they are eating dmg like kids candys - and they dont care. And if you put 2 brusers + healer into arena. Man oh man. There is no way any other 3 players can kill this.

I think people would significantly be more likely to queue for arenas if they didn’t have to fight pre-made trios.

Yea its hard but its dooable. Im on 200 solo q games and win ratio is 60%. And im not super well geared or skilled.