PTR Patch Notes - Company Compensation Post-Merge

After reading through the patch notes at the link below, I noticed a notable fix regarding company compensation for number of territories owned.

Fixed an issue where companies who own more than one territory were not getting merge reimbursements. Companies are now compensated depending on the number of territories they own (rather than a flat amount).

How will this fix be implemented? I ask because this is rather late for some companies, including my own, which disbanded and merged with other companies.

As a more detailed example, on my old server Briedablik, the Syndicate faction owned the entire map pre-merge. We ensured each significant company within the faction that wanted a territory did own one prior to the merge. A few companies did have multiple territories just because our server was so small. After we merged, we realized that number of territories didn’t matter with compensation. The compensation had implied, as the fix states, that it should have been per territory owned. A lot of our companies were pretty small from the old server, so we made a new company with all of us together that could be a driving force on our merged server. In most cases, that meant disbanding the old company.

So, how will the compensation be sent out for companies that have disbanded? Is the change being imposed meant to be retroactive? Does compensation go into the company treasury or to the previous governor of the company?

Thanks for reading this post! Since the compensation is a significant amount of gold, I wanted to get some more details on how the fix will be implemented and if this type of consideration has been made.

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