PTR = Shut Down = Toast

You may not have noticed it in the froth of reaction to 1.1, but the PTR has been shut down.

While the optimist in me says, “They only spin those up when they are about to patch/update”, the realist is more somber:

“They used the correct future tense precisely once, at the beginning of the article. The remainder is written in the language of endings. They do not see themselves as needing to keep it OPEN nor as being able to gain more, better, or consistent feedback over time.”

Any one of these could be argued into oblivion, and many here will think the others could as well, but in fact - the presence of all of them in a single paragraph set forth in declarative (ending summation) phrasing tells us they, themselves, do not think it will see usefulness or make it to another “CYCLE”.

Close to the close to the close, I suppose.

What a ride.

The choice of tagline… not realizing they’re telling their players to literally go play something else. That kind of dissonance is really impossible to overcome… it’s selected, preferred even.

You don’t have to go back to your usual server, but you can’t be here anymore. (Hmm… what’s left? Oh, yeah, playing something else.)


Oh, wait… I wasn’t supposed to take that literally?

Then why did you literally say it?

Nothing like calling those who are actually still frelling here stupid.

You sure ol’ Smed isn’t involved? This simply reeks of him.


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Who could have known this would happen?

"When the test period is complete and the main New World game is updated with the previewed content, all worlds will shut down and be wiped clean. "

What lol? PTR is shut down for now because the PTR is live.

I’m sure the next PTR will be up when the next major patch is close to release.

In my years of playing MMOs its become clear that PTR really means Placate The Rubes.

Its put up so people can lie to themselves and pretend they have a say in anything.

Every poster stepping up to laugh at me is identifying as someone who is missing my point.

As if I care. As if that makes what I’m pointing at less valid.

Dream on. History is my proof and it hasn’t let me down yet.

It won’t here, either. Just wait. You’ll see.

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Lighten up a little? I think you need some fresh air, you need to talk and have a laugh with someone

You must be joking. I am working and replying here as the whim dictates.

Sounds to me like you’re projecting.

Maybe don’t do that. It’s bad for you and tells a lot more than you seem to realize.

I am not laughing at you, I am saying they told us when it launched exactly when it would go down. The PTR is never meant to be a place to play long term and if they have nothing new for you to test that isn’t in the live game, there is no reason to have one as it can be found in the live game.

I work for a software company, trust me this is completely normal for software development. Having test environments to work out bugs and find new ones is pretty standard. Also, when the build goes out, the test environments are wiped clean or reset back to a Golden Image that has everything setup and ready to go for the next itertion.

They should leave it up until they have more than three months of updates that are enterprise quality level.

And they know it.

We are playing in the ptr now.


when your game is just one big conglomeration of bugs that gets added to weekly, you NEED a test server or your game is gonna die in weeks lol glhf

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