PTR SNS Nerfs - Suggestion

SNS received 3 nerfs on the PTR to stop the one shot combos:

  • Leaping Strike stagger is now shorter and cannot be comboed with shield bash
  • Leaping Strike empower granted from the slow was changed to only effect sword damage
  • Leaping Strike slow was reduced to 3 seconds (this also makes the empower 3 seconds) and the slow was reduced to 30% instead of 50%.

For the most part these are good changes; however, the slow being nerfed to 3 seconds is way too harsh of a nerf considering the other two changes. I would suggest making the slow 5 or 6 seconds. instead of 3 seconds.

If the slow nerf to 3 seconds goes through it will pretty much kill the sword in any sense of skirmisher/dps role as the leaping strike slow is the only thing it has left to help it fill that role. Unless of course the goal is to completely stop the weapon from being used by skirmishers, then the change will work as intended.


withe the 3 nerfs, SNS is dead as dps becuase sns is the only good ability in SNS.
gut the leap+shield bash combo is enough for sns, the other nerfs are way over.

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No reason to do all 3 at once should just do stagger at first wait a few weeks to see if it was enough. If it was not enough then go ahead and try another nerf. Multiple nerfs or buffs at once is very bad balancing this goes for every weapon

You wasted your time my friend. AGS only listens to spoiled 5cons Range/rapier players
because any melee can’t kill them only range can kill them. This is how their logic works.

AGS will realize that they made a terrible mistake when only these selfish spoiled people remain in the game.
then it will be too late for everything…


Spot on

If you look on different posts where melee players argue with range players, you will see melee players trying to give valid feedback why range should have an advantage untill they make a mistake.

Range players however argue that melee should not catch them…

Melee want to play the game while range just want to dominate in light armor. It’s mindblowing…

Everyone is understandably focused on PvP but this is a huge nerf to PvE sword DPS as well. It’s already hard to setup Leaping Strike into heavy attack and follow up with attacks to take advantage of the empower. If reduced to three seconds then Leaping Strike is basically going to empower one heavy attack, not even benefiting from the heavy attack’s own empower skill.

The slow should absolutely be longer than three seconds. Even perhaps remaining 8 seconds but with its potency decaying over time as AGS did with some of the Blunderbuss skills.

Also just generally, AGS shouldn’t be so heavy handed with nerfs. Make one small adjustment and see how it works out, then make another if necessary. Knee-jerk reactions like this turn players away.


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