PTR Suggestion (why does this have to be 15 characters long?)

Whenever i log into the PTR there are usually very few people, so this suggestion might not work right away.
I see PTR as a great place to test potential changes, not just proposed patches. A place to experiment with, sometimes drastic, changes to see how it feels.

  1. Set the ptr up to have wars going every day.
  2. Have a vendor that hands out top tier loot. you give us a bunch of loot to start with but the axes i rolled didnt have the perks i wanted to test. I would like to be able to try as many times as i want to get the desired perk combinations I want to test.
  3. remove orb costs for dungeons so we can test them as much as we would like.
  4. have resource vendors that give you as much resources as you want to test out crafting without having to grind on the ptr.
  5. remove any and all need for having to play the game like we do on live servers. We are there to test specific things not to replay the game in any prolonged way.

I realize that setting up the PTR for us to be able to fully test every aspect of the game is a large ask. I think it would be worth it to AGS in the long run.

My first drastic change suggestion would be to remove the body blocking from your own teammates. I have already created a separate forum post describing this. And this type of thing should be tested on the PTR without making it part of a planned patch release. Let us test it first. It might be terrible and ruin the experience. But, It might be a huge QoL change for us… we dont know. I would want to test it in wars to which was the driving force for me to make this post.

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