PTR: Summer Medleyfaire: Known Issues

The below list is a collection of new, high-priority issues that the development team is aware of. This list is not all encompassing, and can vary from game-build to game-build due to ongoing active development and bug-fixing.


  • When a player encounters Captain Thorpe in the new player flow, the objective for “Sole Survivor” updates to, “Defeat the Corrupted Captain Thorpe”. When the player defeats the Thorpe however, the objective does not update, making the quest non-completable. The First Time User Experience still progress and the player can proceed through the questline, but “Sole Survivor” remains in their journal.
  • Crafted expedition materia gear grants placeholder Territory Standing. Materia based on expedition replicas will no longer award Territory Standing.
  • Tuning Orbs used to enter expeditions are being removed in the July update. Chisels, purchased at the Faction Shop still remain in the game however. But now that Tuning Orbs have been removed, most of the chisels are no longer used in any crafting recipe.
  • The armament caches that can now be crafted in place of expedition Tuning Orbs do not give the player gypsum when opened, even though it is part of the normal boss loot for level 60 players.
  • Player can get stuck and eventually fall under the map after respawning at a camp that is using a skin.
  • Chopping down trees is no longer producing the loud cracking sound that was once in the game. After chopping a tree, players would be able to hear a loud cracking sound that could echo throughout the area before the tree fell to the ground. The falling sound of the tree is still present, but the cracking sound immediately after harvesting is no longer there.

Medleyfaire Summer Event & Musical Instruments

Please be aware that these are very large features which are still in development; there will be placeholder text and unintended bugs. These are some of the more noteworthy known bugs and polish items that are not yet resolved within the PTR build but should be fixed fairly soon.

  • A specific music track plays whenever the player first enters the Brightwood Medleyfaire village. This music stops playing when the player exits the area and returns to normal play. Should the player exit the Medleyfaire area and then return, however, the Medleyfaire music does not replay.
  • Grammatical and terminology consistency errors are present throughout new item descriptions. An editorial pass will be performed to catch the majority of these problems.
  • The crafting patterns under the Troubadour category do not show gear score, but all patterns in the Maestro category do show eligible gear score. This is inconsistent.
  • Performing a dance within the designated dance ring for reputation doesn’t consistently progress. Moving out of the circle and back tends to temporarily remedy this.
  • When a player moves rapidly between two performance zones within close proximity, they will sometimes be unable to tip the other players which are performing. This appears to require both songs to end and be in the “tipping phase” within a short time of each other.
  • When a player enters a performance zone after leaving the audio range for it previously, it will play the opening 3 “strums” that are heard whenever a song is started. This will occur every time a player reenters the performance area.