PTR taking me to a website?

Hi, it is noon and I am trying to play PTR but when I push play in steam it takes me to the PTR announcement page from yesterday.


it’s not up yet

same. seems like it’s all of us until they get the servers live. running behind. hopefully not too long

It’s Accessed through the base game or through the new PTR client? The website post wasn’t explicitly clear.

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Also wondering this

It seems like it is supposed to be accessed though a different client.

Running into the same issue. Cannot actually download and install the game through steam just redirects to the initial PTR announcement page.

Can you enter your credit card details on this page?

They may still be working on the server. Posted about 30 mins ago


Thank you!

Typical amazon i guess… announce a ptr time and dont keep the planed time :ok_hand:

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