PTR Tester Request

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Hello, I have spent the first hour trying to roll a playable Great Axe and Hammer. I have deleted and re created multiple characters and still havent found something that I would take into testing…

SUGGESTION: Give us skeleton weapons and armor for each type and let us choose which perks are on them. Let us set up that perfect tanking setup or caster setup or elemental resistance setup… Let us get to the testing.

EDIT: Without warning I have reached a character creation limit after being allowed to delete my ‘last’ character. Trying to reroll something that I felt could adequately test mutation dungeons. Now, I have a 22 hour cooldown on creating another character. What the Actual F***.

FEEDBACK: Testing is at a halt because of poor design full of randomness. This is not retail we dont need any RNG or Grinding to test things.

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