PTR Update- Invigorated Punishment Nerf

So they’re cutting down Invigorated Punishment from 3% to 2% per buff on target. Despite the fact that the perk has not been functioning correctly on live since it has been introduced. How does this happen? There literally can’t be any data showing that 3% is too effective because the perk hasn’t stacked on live yet.

So it’s either a response to forum/reddit calls to nerf the perk, or because they have data showing that the perk is overrepresented on gear. But it’s the perk that comes on Champion’s Ring, so it’s a lot more accessible to people than Mortal Empowerment. And since the craft mods are BoP and only available through the PvP track, there’s never going to be a huge glut of them. I think I’ve gotten one in the last 15-20 levels I’ve completed.

Either way, this makes no sense to me whatsoever.


Is there data showing 2% is not effective enough? What does any of this have to do with mortal empowerment? Does mod scarcity mean it should be stronger than more common mods or would that only benefit rich and lucky players?

Imagine nerfing something that hasn’t even worked since it was released lel. Might as well nerf greatsword before it even enters PTR it is way too powerful.


To answer your questions, obviously there is no data showing 2% isn’t effective enough. But the point is that the perk was introduced as 3%. People crafted/bought jewelry with the perk assuming that it was 3% each, and the fact that the perk would be fixed eventually so that it actually did give you credit for all buffs on your target. Now the effectiveness has been reduced by 33% before it ever was able to work as intended, except maybe for a few days on this current PTR iteration, which isn’t nearly enough data to make an informed decision.

Mod scarcity has no bearing on whether or not something should be stronger or not. I brought up that point attempting to refute other possible reasons they might have put this nerf through. Since they are so data driven, maybe they saw that of all people who used a ring with a PvP perk on it, 90% had Invigorated Punishment on it, and only 10% had Mortal Empowerment. So they felt like Invigorated Punishment was over-represented, and therefore needed to be nerfed. But because the mod is so scarce, and can only be effectively used by people with 200 Jewelcrafting and all of the trophies and clothing, that’s not a valid conclusion, especially with how RNG crafting is. Maybe with such a small sample size, the RNG favored better rolls when people used Invigorated Punishment than Mortal Empowerment. Or maybe they just got more Superos Potion Packs than Carthago Potion Packs. I know I’ve gotten about 2x as many, so I haven’t been able to craft nearly as many Mortal Empowerment Rings as I was Invigorated Punishment.

So again, the point is that it’s way too early for them to have nerfed this perk. And there is no justification for doing it.


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