PTR: Upgrading 590+ Epics to Legendary?

Why is this the decision. Why are y’all reversing a system that would’ve opened up more loot to a much wider margin of players. I guess y’all don’t really want any real player growth other than the jumps from people coming back to check out the update. Congratulations :partying_face: I guess.

That’s not a lot at all. You get that much from one gypsum cast of something 625.

What about crafting. I get all the gear, have all the buffs, have to have a house in a territory that has the region buff and I can only get a CHANCE for 600 legendary…naw, too much RNG.

Wasted months worth of crafting mats to get 2 usable bags out of 20+

It NEEDS to be anything 590+ can be upgraded to legendary.

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This is still great news, nice to know OPR gear will be able to be upgraded. Im wondering whether that will apply to gear we have opened already thats in storage, or only on gear that drops post launch…

Hm, isn’t it easier just to remove the crafting and show a fat middle finger to all players that have bought trophies, crafting gear etc? Oh, you can remove the mats refining too. Ores, trees, fibers, hides - remove them too. Anyway you are killing the entire production chain.

Yes, the crafting system is too much RNG, but this is your F up too.

Overall, you are trying to heal a flu via leg amputation…

Probably the biggest thing I’m excited about.

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Hey thanks for the update! I had to PSA my server because we were getting excited about the breach update and doing portal runs again.

So I’m pvp only except for the occasional invasion when they are literally begging people to join lmao, but that’s basically charity for the rewards. 400 shards is fine for the upgrade cost. It’s one 625 gypsum cast. My main has 300k+ shards, and even my FS char has 80k shards saved up, once again, doing no PVE aside from the basic daily gypsum casts. I won’t be “gambling” for lego upgrades so much as building out 3rd and 4th builds for more PVP.

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Cool stuff, but how about some love for pvp track reward? Possibility to upgrade some gear from there to 600 will be great!

They’ve said they’re going to “juice up the rewards” on the latest Dev update video.

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Great news here @Deeward , yes we are planning some pretty big improvements to the PvP reward track. These changes in combination with cross world OPR and some other PvP suprises we have planned for S2 should make it a great PvP release.


Is cross server OPR going to be region locked? Will US west have anyone to cross server with?

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This really needs to be answered by one of the devs.

I just wish you would not make those PvP updates a surprise because so many endgame PvP players have been quitting recently due to content drought and no real PvP stuff on the roadmap.

Probably yes, due to huge ping bewtween region location.

While these are both greatly appreciated QoL improvement to PvP players, they are not new PvP content. We are happy to get more appropriate rewards and to have shorter queues for OPR, but it is still the same OPR we have been playing for 14 months or so. New modes, maps, CASUAL WARS, and/or Company vs Company OPRs are desperately needed to retain and renew the PvP scene in this game.


How about PVP Track Items?