PTR - What is it good for?

I’m curious what the point of the PTR is for AGS. Normally it is used to iron out bugs and other issues before going to the live server. But with AGS, it seems pointless. The feedback doesn’t seem to be taken into concideration, and the the bugs are not squashed before pushing to live.

To AGS, don’t rush things. Maybe management believes that it’s needed to keep the game alive, but it is more likely to kill the fanbase clutching on by their teeth at this point.

Focus on ironing out the bugs and current issues before trying to add even more into the mix. Some dev made apoint about how it’s a Live game and things are constantly in flux, and this is indeed very true. And maybe you are pushed to follow some theoretical time-line what and when things are supposed to go live, but please, stop. Stop rushing content, take a breather and just fix what is broken before adding anything more.

Just communicate that. Make sure that the community knows the intent. Right now all the “we’re looking into this” feels unsinsere because of the fact that you keep pushing new things in, that then ALSO needs to “be looked into”.

I love the idea of this game. It is unique in several ways, but you need to deal with current issues, before creating new one. Please.


What is it good for? Absolutely nothing

Good song


First time I logged into the PTR. I see that none of the city have their bench upgraded to max… I told my self… Why?

What’s the point of a PTR when you can’t literally craft anything? How can you be able to test the crafting system… if there is no bench at all upgraded?

All the benches should be lvl 5 by default on the PTR… If they are not even capable of doing that…


It is there to pacify you. They never had any intention of listening to you.


You picked up on that, I’m happy :clap: :metal:

It’s a good question, patch came put beyond buggy and had alot of issues that feedbsck was given for but ignored.

Still not sure why they rushed it out, it’s not like it had a time limit or anything right?.

Leave them on PTR until 100% ready and bugs are all taken care of first. Also feedback should always be looked at before release on to live to make sure everything seems right.

Also to note all changes need to be in patch notes as too many changes are happening without notice or reason.

OR… Now stick with me here… It was an innocent oversight.

I like how they implemented the changes to SM elite zones and fully tested it on the PTR with player feedback before they pushed it to live content…

/sarcasm off

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That is the question right, are they being forced to push things out? I’ve heard of coders complain about such work environments before, where they go “It’s not ready” but management goes “push it anyway” It’s a bit like that “better to ask forgiveness than permission” mindset… which isn’t healthy at all.

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Lol! They are 100% on a timer. They’re in a development life cycle and there are goals that must be met.

There is no such thing as innocence.

It’s either malice or incompetence. Pick one.

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I also liked that they listened to the reports regarding bugs that made it on live, it shows why the ptr was such a great choice to do!.

/s because yeah … people…

You forgot the part where they snuck a bunch of nerfs into the update that weren’t even in the PTR. It’s like they purposefully didn’t want people to see or comment on that stuff in advance.

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To build hype for their game of course, just like all the “closed betas” they did where they didn’t fix much of the bugs.

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So incompetent?.

The mass of bug reports from ptr and all the feedback ignored to rush a patch out shows some amazing skills on AGS side…

Again do not take my criticism as hatered towards the game but constant mistakes by AGS that will kill a game i love.

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Sure, it could be. But then that is proof that they are rushing things. I just wish they could slow down, take their time and actually fix things. How many times have they said they’ve fixed something, and yet the bug persists? I’m not hating here, at all. In fact, the opposite is true. I love the game, so I want it to be stable before they rush out more stuff which makes it even more unstable.


Or just stress.

its AGS not ASG, unsincere etc. Grammar police at your service, and if you haven’t read the patch notes I think you need to take a look. They fixed an insane amount of bugs etc. obv it was gonna cause a few unknowns to pop-up. What is this post good for? Absolutely nothing. Sing it with me!

HI. The PTR is a Personal Test Realm. You can testing upcoming patches there. what you are expieriencing is for the PTR Forums only.

For some hype I guess.

Cause for testing and giving feedback seems like it worth nothing.