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I understand that many folks are frustrated with the game in it’s current state. I am right there with you, though there are certain aspects of the game that I really enjoy. With that being said, I am waiting to see what happens in the long run.

Now, most of the complaints I see on this forum, although helpful in some ways, address issues and problems with the game when the game isn’t where it was originally realized.

Many of the problems folks post about wouldn’t be an issue if the server population was where is is supposed to be. This game is designed around the player base, and if the player base isn’t there, you are going to see oddities in the trading post, OPR, chest zerging, etc. because you don’t have the population to sustain the player base.

Again, I understand that folks are frustrated with the game, and you guys are warranted in that frustration. But please, let AGS attempt to fix the issues and address the population. Popluation alone will solve a ton of the issues folks are complaining about.

The only thing I can say at this point is to be patient. If you’re fed up, take a break, and look for the next big patch.

AGS knows the state of this game better than anyone. They know the issues and they know the population, but server merges won’t happen until the game-breaking issues are fixed. If you are a fan of the game, just be patient and see.


Part of the problem is that it’s very easy to fall into a negative state of mind in practically anything you find significant in your life. With a lot of games, a certain amount of pessimism builds and festers, making it so that people only begin to focus on the negative aspects. I prefer the Ted Lasso approach to gaming, which is to see the positives and the things I enjoy, and then to focus on those when playing a game. It’s kind of like a cost benefit analysis where I try to weigh the good versus the bad in a way that as long as I can find enough good things, then the bad doesn’t seem so bad.

Not a lot of people take that approach, which is why people often turn to such negativity.

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Just uninstall and leave. Reported for spam

If there is spam in this thread its your reply without reading the post at all.

Nonsens topic gets Nonsens reply

So making a post about people having patience gets a reply of uninstall and quit and you think that makes sense?

The poster I replied to has been telling people to leave on posts announcing they were unhappy, that poster thought this was the same topic. Instead they were wrong.

Who are you again?

How will population solve:

  1. Half of all weapon skills and passives being either broken or not working as intended?
  2. Half the perks either broken or not working as intended?
  3. Weight bonuses not working as intended.
  4. Items not working as intended.
  5. The copious amount of exploits.
  6. The many and very bad design choices.

Literally the only thing that population will fix is: Outpost Rush

That’s not why people are angry…

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