Public Test Realm Appearing

Hey, I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but the PTR version hasn’t appeared in my steam and isn’t available. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.



November 10, at 12 PM PT (7PM UTC)

According to the post about PTR, that is when servers open, not when the client will be available. The post says PTR should be downloadable by the “end of the day”, Nov 9th. If that is not the case, it should be re-worded.

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Same here, still no PTR version visible for download.


  • Logging out, closing and logging in to steam did not help.
  • It is also not visible under the options / betas of New World
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Is when the servers go live for access, not when they are in Steam for download. Read the announcement.

By the end of today, everyone with a copy of New World will find the New World Public Test Realm application in their Steam library. Downloading this stand-alone application allows interested players access to check out the latest preview version and provide feedback. PTR servers will officially open tomorrow, November 10, at 12 PM PT (7PM UTC).

Well, lets read it together shall we. The PTR application will be downloadable BY THE END OF TODAY. This was posted yesterday the 9th. Which makes it pretty clear it should already be downloadable. So we are go when the servers open later.


You know. AGS needs PTR for testing announcements too. :slight_smile:
Well, it look slike nobody has PTR in library yet. How else, AGS. How else.

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@Luxendra hey hey Luxendra, could you give us a little headsup on the PTR? Is it not supposed to be available yet? are we doing something wrong?


Do you guys not understand time zones lol? For EST it’s at 3pm

it was supposed to be available in steam last night


That was the way I read the post. Can someone PLEASE clarify this, it is completly frustrating when you all do not have it together, (ment for the commuity managers)

Already did lol it’s 12pm PT google why time is that Is that in Ur time zone

Same as yours, PT 6:15 am here

Same here. I would love to help improve the game.

developers struggling with writing systems that localize and function down to dozens of timezones and still function as expected across a cloud infrastructure.

Dude can’t even google how to look one up.

inb4 Tosch replies

The team is still working on opening up downloads for the PTR. Current ETA = as soon as we can (probably at some point in the morning - PT timezone).

We will post an update once we get more info.


Talk about timing