Public Test Realm Appearing

basically people with the best connection will be able to log first, cause you gotta download the huge update

I mean, it is what it is… just not sure why they give a speciffic time frame if they cant stick to it.

Lol yeah, people thought launch queues were bad. I’m waiting for:

“Position in Queue: 97,000”



still nothing here…

:laughing: haha reeeeeee

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Do they need to release a PTR for the PTR?


Ahh yes, the biggest company on the planet with non stop issues. sips beer


LOL and maybe a sign up sheet for that too?

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The Amazon truck delivering their servers must be late. I mean…that’s their excuse when I call them about MY packages…


May the memes flow now, Amazon fucked up again yay


cant wait till lost ark comes out

I mean, say “ABOUT” 12PT… hat fixes the issue. Don’t make timelines if you cant meet them. If i ran my business like this I wouldn’t have one.

Sorry but the responses here are confusing to say the least.
For me the PTR is also NOT showing in the Steam Library but other players in my company have it already in their library.
Why do they have it and I dont?
Can someone confirm that they took it down and will release later???

Relog your steam account.

well obv it doesnt matter bc ppl will wait bc they want the product. thus why they are a multi dollar company. complaints are the low 1% XD

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Shut steam down completely, then relog into your steam account.

I can confirm that they are actually doing something, although I can’t say what - the PTR app in my library flashes an update from time to time, but nothing actually shows in the Downloads, nor on SteamDB page

EDIT: last update to the PTR app was over an hour ago when they re-added achievements