Public Test Realm Appearing

Already did lol it’s 12pm PT google why time is that Is that in Ur time zone

Same as yours, PT 6:15 am here

Same here. I would love to help improve the game.

developers struggling with writing systems that localize and function down to dozens of timezones and still function as expected across a cloud infrastructure.

Dude can’t even google how to look one up.

inb4 Tosch replies

The team is still working on opening up downloads for the PTR. Current ETA = as soon as we can (probably at some point in the morning - PT timezone).

We will post an update once we get more info.


Talk about timing


SOON" :rofl:


4.5 hours until server launch, still no PTR in Steam :frowning: Plisss my Vodafone crap internet will need way too long for downloading :smiley:


Perfect! I was wondering why the client was not appearing. Hopefully it will be available with enough time for me to download! I would love to stream this test content!

You know, this information would have been more helpful, and visible, if added anywhere related to the already existing PTR info. Like, I don’t know, the PTR sub forum…


please learn to communicate better!

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well time for predownload before servers open is running out, guess with my slower download speed i’m never getting in

Shorter queue for the rest of us. :wink:

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three hours before PTR is supposed to launch and still no client on Steam…

they struggle with communications. But this is their first MMO game and I will not hold it against them too bad. Frustrating as it is, they are new to this.

They also need to allow others to help people on quests that are currently locked by quest ONLY. Makes it hard to find a group now that there are few alts and mostly level 60s.


I don’t find it hard to do things. Most of my company is bored and seeking things to do and don’t mind running my 48 butt through things, as sad as that is for them, since they have no end-game content.

I think he is talking specifically about the Guardian Well main quest that only allows people who are also on that quest to enter the room to kill the Boss. generally a group of 5+ is used to clear this guy so you would need to find 4 other people also on that quest.


I recieve tis mensage.
What is it ?

Translate mensage:
“The Steam product code you activated has been revoked by the game’s publisher due to the end of a beta or pre-release testing period. As a result, the content associated with the code will no longer be accessible.”