Public Test Realm Appearing

Well they should move a few bucks over. Not like they wont make it back 10x with a happy client base.

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Also, is the steam library a live feed for updates and such? if i leave it on the page with it pop up with “update” or does it need to be refreshed?

Just put it to a priority update it should start on it’s on

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updates will show up on there own and it helps to restart steam

I have the icon and installed. It does a quick install and then when I hit play, I go to the web site announcement.

the PTR isn’t live yet

Oops - miscounted time zones

Nah, they’re late.

visuals/characters/etc look awful. no thanks. good for all those asking for bikini “armor”

my PTR is downloading 36*Gb right now…

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Rly?? Mine hasnt even started yet



I just quit and restarted steam and I have a 36GB download running now. xD

ya’ll welcome :slight_smile:

heads up, thanks.
21 minutes.

Seems like a slow DL, GL all. See ya in game.

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do you have a download limit set? i did….

Imgur: The magic of the Internet will just leave it here thanks

No servers are up as of this post.