Public Test Realm Appearing

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Soon ©


I heard recently that it was today 12 Noon PT (3PM Eastern)… Is this still accurate?

Um, maybe make this top of forum pages news? According to most peoples’ reads, this was supposed to be downloadable last night and people are freaking out in Steam forums.

Based on the picture someone posted here it seems steam has blocked the PTR

Still nothing ?

I’m pretty sure that person tried to use the New World Beta code, which expired in July.


out at this time PTR servers will officially open tomorrow, November 10, at 12 PM PT (7PM UTC)
so 3pm est, which for its release we are not at.

that was the original time to open it, not the pre download time. not surprised they had issues with it this morning to get up the pre download.

best. response. evah!


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I was actually hyped for PTR and Void Gauntlet.

Yeah. It is just another SOON™

Was able to download PTR now. Can’t play until after work, 2:46 PM in NYC.


EDIT: just looked in Downloads and its there.

think they released wrong files lol


Ummm, now what?

Its opening a website page not a game yet. So you probably need to set default browser.


Installation worked fine for me but the servers aren’t up yet so the Play button just goes to the news post.

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I still don’t have the PTR in my library, I got my game gifted to me from a friend, would that be my issue?

I have the PTR now but it isn’t a client. It’s just a redirect link… o.O A 15kb size download!