Public Test Realm

To this day i have not gotten the standalone client to the ptr. Would like to be able to access this and no idea why it was not downloaded nor a way to find it. Help please.

Hello @William_Jones
First, welcome to the forums! :smiley:


“Everyone with a copy of New World will be automatically granted access to the secondary PTR app. The PTR is not compatible with the live game, so you will need to download a separate client (and have the hard drive space required to support it). From there, we will have special worlds available within supported regions. Not all regions will initially be supported. Access is on a first-come, first-served basis. There may be queues.”
Please check your steam library, if it is available it should look like this
It will be an entirely different installation on steam, maybe play around with some filters or use the steam search option for the library

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