Purchased gear leveling?

Just read this part of the patch notes, this is a terrible idea " * Any item that is purchased from the trading post or acquired through P2P after the January patch will have its effective gear score scaled down to the mid point of players Expertise and the items gear score if their Expertise is lower than the item’s gear score."

Really? Now I buy something and it gets lowered to my expertise level?
Not only does that devalue what I’m purchasing, it also devalues crafters selling top gear.

The expertise system itself is a huge grind. This is way too complicated, way too much work, actual work.

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this was announced in december. Its so people can skip the grind, if you dont want to get ur expertise up then craft everything urself

It doesn’t lower it to your expertise level… it meets your expertise level halfway. So if you buy 600 gs items at expertise 500, you’ll still get 550 effectiveness. That and you’ll have an item that improves as your expertise improves.

Besides, the expertise grind is significantly shorter than when I went through it. Hell, you even get notified when you get a bump and you know exactly where you stand. For me I felt like I had to get a 600 gs item to consider that slot complete. Even if you just do the activities associated with the gypsum you’ll be gaining expertise levels super quick.

I get that, the fact that it lowers at all it is the problem.

I thought the expertise system was pretty bad to begin with but didn’t matter because I wasn’t trying to raise it necessarily.
But shortly after it was added I started crafting casts and did that most days and only on my headwear and chest and I’m nowhere near 600, still below 550.

This is actually worse than the Destiny gear raising mechanic which was also terrible. It just creates a grind that doesn’t need to be there.

Even if I were able to raise all the items expertise levels, that means I have to do all of that before buying crafted gear in order to get the full value out of that gear.
A crafter isn’t going to lower their price to fit someone’s GS, nor should they, so I either would have to wait until I reached that in a slot before buying or overpay for that item. It’s a lose lose.

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