Purchasing skins twice in the shop. Discount for mega pack?

I recently purchase the Horus set (and bow) from the Egypt themed skins from the shop upon release. Now they have a mega pack version that contains everything. If I wanted to buy the mega pack version do I get a discount for the items I’ve already purchased?

If not, will this not create apprehension when purchasing items from the store and thus actually make people spend less?

The mega pack is 89000 tokens so unless I get a discount on the items from that pack that I’ve already bought, you’re actually forcing me to spend less… is this not counter productive to the funding of the game. Purchases should be made easier and perhaps mega packs/deluxe should be brought out alongside or before individual items? Else people will start to feel a bit weary of buying what they want?

Any update on this? As it is, you’ve made me spend 20k tokens instead of 89k…. Please let me know asap as I’d like to actually spend more. :joy:

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