Purity of Light is FINALLY WORKING!

here ya go peoples!


Truly this is wonderful news!

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yes sir!

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Oof, I sold a shirking for resil purity of light focus piece, for 20k. Probably could have gotten more out of it.

i bet your could have

It’s ok, but not amazing.

Mending or Divine Embrace are still better on your staff unless you find yourself chasing ADD kids trying to heal them.

Don’t forget that the 2k + 1k is WITHOUT Anointed on SG and many other buffs on the LS like Intensify, Mending Protection (armor or weapon) and Bend Light.

essentially that’s more like a 3k + 1.5k to your entire party compared to the 2k + 1k shown.

Not sure how much exactly the buffs you can stack equate to.


If Divine Embrace is 120% weapon damage and after all the massive buffs you can get around a 5k heal from it then under the same circumstances that 85% would technically be 3.5k.

I know it doesn’t shake out exactly like that but 60% weapon damage on initial heal plus 85% weapon damage is 145% weapon damage heal. I think you guys are under rating it but I guess we’ll see.

its all subjective anyway, my opinion is its $^&#% great! just my opinion

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