Put 595-600 crafting in PTR already AGS! its ben requested since february!

Automatic town buffs, and put an earring in the trade skill box!

We need a craft mod box too.

Public TEST Realm and we still can’t even TEST properly!

I shouldn’t have to spend an hour doing side missions in order to test the build that’s currently in.

This is a massive crafting patch coming and we still don have 595-600 in PTR…


I’ll send this feedback over to the development team, thank you for testing on the PTR and I see how this is inconvenient.


thanks a lot :slight_smile: <3

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No problem Vesstan!


Hiya, it just possible for the areas to get the town buffs put on? Not sure if it’s just a flick of a switch but that would make it generally easier to test the crafting and get feedback quicker to the Dev’s. :slight_smile:

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That’s a great suggestion, OnyBibi! Thanks for the idea :slight_smile: .

Add in Crafting Mods + stacks of Vials of Suspended Azoth (like PTR food crates, swim in azoth) + Timeless Shards + 600 GS Arena Patterns.

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Those are all great suggestions as well, Loviel. Especially timeless shards :thinking: .

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Would it be possible to just give us uncapped azoth on PTR and start us out with 100k azoth? A box for crafting foods too?

Also, removing time gates on things like the stopwatch for repeated tests and removing time gates on the town medley fair will help us speed through the event as well for better testing.

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