Put a stop to sold m10s…

The reason I say this is it is making people quit the game because they cannot get into mutations cause no one runs them except m10 for 6k shards and u have to not only be 625 but all ward and bane weapons. And I’m not complaining for myself as I run m10s and help people run lowers. These people running the m10s are making 75k per run running alllllllll day the they rmt the gold they make which is why it’s the way it is. Y’all definitely need to put a stop to the M10 selling or u gonna lose more players there’s not even a que anymore already and I promise u it’s a huge reason besides the another issue. Mutations have turned into the same as wars where only select few can play. Thanks for listening and see you in castle of steel.


The Umbral grind as a whole is complete garbage.Simple problem to solve, but DEVs are totally apathetic. Mutations should have debuffs applied to players from the amount of damage and healing received. For example an M10 player would receive the x10 debuff. Hence this would allow players from m1 to m10 to play together and would end the problem of selling umbral shards.


Yeah I have a lot of time in the game and I hate seeing people exploiting that and the fact they act like m10s is challenging when it’s definitely not ….m10 is basically m1 when u are geared and 625 but these people hit gold cap everyday I know a lot of them are selling for real money which is why they are running and selling all day long. I know of two groups that sell 100k for 300 dollars .


In WoW this model is extremely profitable.

Give casual players terrible gear through solo/casual content so they can never get to do high end group content unless someone carries them which is rare unless they are being payed.

This means if anyone wants to have fun in high end group content they have to just buy runs to get gear and then be able to experience the content.

Though in new world that only really profits gold sellers unlike WoW where they are making a bank by selling gold to buy boosts

Yet again a sign that forced socialization does not work, people much rather buy runs than deal with other players during the process of gearing


This is definitely an important thing to stop but I think they will not cause then a lot of them selling will quit. I can promise u the companies owning territory sells gold for real money 100%.


I could sell runs I choose not I just hope they patch it where once it started that’s it u cannot invite anyone after start

Hello, They are askin for WARD and BANE because that make sure that the run is smooth-

People without WARD tend do die really quick in M10 and DPS without BANE arent doing enough damage.

Its not elitist as WARS as you compare.


Wish they’d do that in conjunction with upping shard drops from other activities. I’m not interested in running mutations all the time.


Those people that cannot run any lower mutations to progress nah that’s the same thing as wars lol. No one runs below m10s so for anyone to progress with chests runs and opr will take them months and playing 10hours a day they will quit like they are doing before they go through all that I know people that have quit cause they can never run mutations. That garbage no brained crap and opr is end game.


My only issue with it is the spam. Give them their own channel. They overwhelm the recruiting channel.


I agree to some extent, i dont like the idea of selling so i dont do it, but this game doesnt really have legs to stand on so who am i to criticize those who sell. Theres not a lot of people to raid with so sometimes i have to go with people who wanna sell, id rather not because it wastes my time at the end of the raid.

Now to address the requirements, seriously we gotta stop acting like getting ward gear is tough to get. Literally just save up money and ask your friendly neighborhood crafter to craft you a ward set, the other 1-2 perks literally dont matter. Same with bane weapons, theres a lot of decent 2 dmg perk bane weapons on the market, and especially now with the improved crafting odds you could probably roll yourself a nice bane weapon easily. Theyve also added a lot of really nice drops that help with the dungeons, they have bane, wards etc.

The recommended gear score for m10 is literally 625, why should i take a 623 or 624?? Theyre going to take insane dmg because you think they shouldnt have ward gear, do almost no dmg because you think they shouldnt have a bane weapon or 625 lol. Complain to the devs not the people who are 625, you know how many M9s i had to do before i could even touch m10?? A fuck ton, its just yet another issue now because before there wasnt shard selling and you had to use your own orbs to grind through the gear score. At least now you can fast track yourself to 625 by paying for shards. Its not our fault that the game has no middle ground playerbase. Its either fresh lvl 60s who are ready to begin expertise/m1 or 625s who are spamming m10s. This is solely an ags issue and their failure to both retain and gain a new playerbase. Wheres the incentive for myself and others to run regular and lower tier mutations?? We already got capped to 25 a week so we literally cant help once we hit the cap lol.


Not only the ones selling could quit, the buyers will most likely quit too. Full pvp players do not give a damn about running m10s for shards. If you force them into pve to be relevant for pvp, they wont do it, they’ll quit.

Shard sellling is not the ennemie.
Plus, if you are having trouble finding PUG groups for M10s now sorry but its not because of the sellers, its because of the ridiculous mutated cap at 25.


No it’s not me I feel bad for people that need it I did m10s long time ago as soon as possible didn’t take long I have 3400 hours in gamelol

I help people even on amrine I help newer players without them their will be no game. And I hate hate hate when people sell gold for real money ruins the game.


Completely agree, the cap on dungeons doesnt help, nor does the no rewards for those players that are already 625 if they try to run reg/m1+

If i had a lot of time i wouldnt mind helping, but i dont have the same amount i had when the game first came out. No more telework sadge.

you are exxagerating, with gypsum cast you are rewarded with umbral shard, you can bring a set to 625 in a matter of weeks only doin gypsum cast.


Shards are being handed out like candy nowadays. Also regular dugeons give more shards than m1 woth the 50 form the chest. Spamming regular dugeons which also give more timless shards is a great way to make money. Mmos are grindy, but new world is not grindy at all.

Look at the options you have and find the best way forward.


I don’t see any difference in selling M10 shards versus selling orbs or iron ore. It’s a player generated economy, and people are going to find stuff to sell.

The problem is the entire expertise/umbral grind. They’ve added orbs and shard drops but honestly both systems add no actual content or fun to the game.

they do it as their job, they grind gold to RMT and selling shards is the fastest way of doing that. That’s the problem that has to stop. Now.