Put a stop to sold m10s…

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what the fuck does selling shards have to do with ward gear and bane weapons lmfao, find other people without ward and see how it goes then your key your rules

Why do they reduce all these other things and allow shard selling to go on?

If there was a PvP mode where you could sell entry for benefit for 15k, cost determined by players - do you think they would allow it?

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I personally dont find the selling affects me or my gameplay.

I do find the process of kicking and adding someone not a relaxing situation though and would prefer someone else to handle that.

Im not a regular seller, infact ive only done it a few times, but when i have been strapped for gold or just short of a c/o, doing this helped me recover quickly.

I get that theres a concern for reasons outside of ToS but technically its allowed if the currency still flows in the economy.

It just switches hands in a different way.

I also wont be mad if they fixed it, guess it doesnt bother me that much.

Don’t you think it’s strange that they let it fly but are so quick to nerf or reduce other things?

There’s no pvp way to just sell a run through something for coin right away, and if there was they’d never allow it.

As a player who runs M10’s every night (or used to before the update) I can say that as long as they limit orbs things will only get MUCH worse when it comes to them being exclusionary. Things are going just as the hardcore runners have predicted, and we no longer have any interest in running with people outside of our circle.

The issue is not just about 25 dungeons being enough, which it DEFINITELY is NOT. Most dungeons take us 20 minutes to complete, playing 2-3 hours a night we are done by the weekend and have no option to play this game at a hard difficulty anymore. The main issue is the anxiety of knowing that if we do run with someone else, that is one less that we can do together and just having that knowledge dangling over our heads and a group finder system will not solve this at all. Simply put if people want to get to 625 themselves are not there yet they will need the help from members of teams like ours who are on every server. Otherwise their best option is to buy the shards from people who know how to do it, or repeat gamble on pug groups and have it fail them over and over and over running dungeons that could be done in 20 minutes for over 40 mins per only to fall apart and come 1 death short of a gold.

Its not only the new players who are looking for other games to play, my friends who are all hardcore m10 runners are already talking about what games we need to play with the other 1/2 of our week…

AMAZON if you have any interest in customer retention then i would take a minute to internalize that information and act accordingly. Not only have you empowered shard sellers and made it that much easier for them to set up their dungeon and ask for more money now that there is a limit, but you have alienated your best customer base by making us look as if we are gate keeping when we never put a lock on the dungeon in the first place.

People dont want to play your game on the “very easy” setting for 1/2 their week, you got one thing right about this game when it came to mutated dungeons and gave most of us a reason to keep playing. You dont level the playing field by putting a chain on them, all you are doing is making a plateau in that case in which it is very level at the top as well as very level at the bottom with an impossible cliff to climb in between. And those of us on top are not all throwing a party about how we made it, we are looking for the nearest hang glider pointed in the direction of a new cliff to climb. And the last thing on our minds right now even as people who genuinely want to help, is throwing a rope to those below us when gambling on an unknown player is a much bigger risk than simply saving that dungeon for when our friends can all play.


Don’t care… Let the ones buying quit. Shard selling is just helping the wealthiest super companies who own the big inner territories (with shells) level Alts on other servers easier so they can invade and destroy those servers too.

As for the sellers… Need to find another reward for m10s to keep them happy and engaged. Raw gold? I’m not sure…

But the shard trading needs to stop.

Im just guessing, but i assumed most of the buyers are pvp players that cba to do pve content for gear upgrades.

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There is a big difference, iron ore in not BoP and can be freely sold on the Trading Post. The other two were not intended to be sold, or they would not be BoP. People are actually working around the intended function in order to sell them, blatantly obvious difference really.

The main reason shard selling remains prevalent is the reward band being mathematically unsound, and just way too wide. The people that clearly need shards most, worst case get 27. While those who don’t need them get 6k best case. It’s like most problems in the game, and economy they boil down to bad math.

Take wyrd wood for instance on my server it is two times the cost of iron wood. It’s caused mainly by bad math, if they had not nerfed wolf farming into the dirt, but had instead used some simple math skills wolves would have dropped 6-8 wood per wolf, and bears would have dropped 8-10 of their drop, thus leveling out the ability to farm resources, and giving wolf farms as an option, as it stands most try to avoid even killing them as it’s wasted time. This is also why people are camping wyrd wood groves.

They also need to make all the alligators count towards alligator board hunt quests. and they need to find a way to run a checksum to replace missing armor for armor quests that are still not resolved for Completion junkies. I digress I could spend a week talking about missing game polish, that has been overlooked.

Point is it’s not healthy for the game, but it’s really an issues caused by the design, that is being exploited by players.

It’s not really hard content it’s an arbitrary number check on gear. There isn’t any real hard content, but often I have my solo play destroyed by trains running through my area because they do not want to play the game, but rather get rewards with as little actual game play or effort as possible. I don’t blame them it’s a rewards issue I am only there solo for the actual game play(mostly the game graphics, it is a vibrant world, even if hollow at times.) real rewards don’t really exist in this game. Even the quest weapons are a pointless waste of time it’s sad really. It still blows my mind faction vendors do not have any worthwhile gear.

Right up until you get that over geared goober that doesn’t know the fight mechanics because his gear was all from bought shards.

It’s fairly easy to collect 14-16 gypsum casts per day. A person can get to 625 quite quickly that way. Once they’re 625, each of those casts are returning 400 shards. That’s 5600-6400 shards per day without ever stepping foot in a mutation.

2 casts from Arena
2 casts from Regular Expedition
0-2 casts if those expeditions are tempest
2 casts from Diamond gypsum
2 casts from OPR
2 casts from topaz, used while running an expedition
2 casts from faction vendor
1 cast from Emerald gypsum from daily cooldown crafting
1 cast from obsidian gypsum (easiest farm is Skysong)

There are just too many mutation levels. 10 is ridiculous. It really splits up the playerbase and make it seem like there are less players. i.e. makes it feel like the game is dead.

There should only be 3 levels of mutations.

It’s a boring recipe for burnout that drives players away. It’s entirely missing a FUN factor, because it does not account for people having different taste in what they deem fun.

It requires people to jump through hoops they may find boring as all hell, just to hit the arbitrary number, so they can do it again, to hit another arbitrary number. Finally they can devote time to what they would rather be doing in the first place. Of course then massive swings in meta drive them back into the less than fun for most meat grinder to change builds entirely.


The guy I was responding to thinks the only way to advance is chest runs and OPR. I showed him a faster path to advance while playing literally almost every aspect of the game.

It would take a person something like 10, maybe 15 days of maximizing their gypsum to get to 625 and play M10s with everyone else. That’s 20-30 hours of playing all the variety the game has to offer. That’s not only a very mild grind, it’s what we’re here for.

i just sellin shard to buy bis :ghost:

I have not tested it since the latest update but just reading through the changes I would say your math is wrong. going from fresh 60 from 500-600 then to 625 is going to take the average player longer than 30 hours. The old math is on these forums, but I am not testing it again. I still hear people constantly complain, and quit playing over expertise. Having tested it extensively before the last round of changes, I will not likely ever defend the system. It’s just as I stated…

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Either nothing is hard and the gear doesnt matter or someone got the upgrades and they do matter and it makes the instance eadier for everyone.

Truth is you cant fudge either. M9 and 10 are both gear and mechanics checks. I know 625 peoplw who die in regulars constantly and earned the umbral shards from orbs entirely.

Nothing is always 100% one way or another.

I dont sell shards, i only did my first m10 this week on gold but to me selling the shards like othets said its a service. Otherwise they still ge selling silver 4k carries for a player. Trust me wow mythic carries with 100k per run asking a wow token cause it takes 4 people to carry one person. Its better for buyers when the group can sell to four players per run. Itll happen either way. You want them selling 4k shards for 60k or 6k for 15 to 4 people?

The way it is now is less profitable for rmt gold sellers than the alternative would be.

And theres nothing they can do about 4 people charging for carries.

You’re right - I was only thinking of 600-625 with my 20-30 hour estimate, not 500-600.

I really have no idea how long it would take to go from 500-600, particularly as I did it the slow way - I didn’t focus on the gear that I use, rather, I tried to ensure everything was moving up at about the same rate. I also avoided expeditions and was definitely not doing the gypsum grind during that time.

I don’t think the 600-625 grind is bad at all. But I can probably agree that the 500-600 slog could use some adjustment. Maybe doubling the expertise levels awarded - instead of 1-5, make it 2-10? I don’t know about removing it entirely, as I certainly learned a lot about game mechanics during that slog.


there is

people sell territory.

its not really being punished.


I never said anything about fudging anything. Gear doesn’t matter much as gear score.

Nope you can’t fix stupid if someone stands in a place that will kill them because they do not know the mechanics, they will die. If that mechanic can get others killed they will tank the party.

It’s not hard content," if you know the mechanics, and hit the arbitrary gear score number" Problem is if you do not know the mechanics you will likely die regardless. People who buy shards tend to die a lot until they learn the mechanics. Having a few of them in the same run, is a recipe for disaster.

Laughing I personally think shard sellers are trash, and should be perma banned, it’s unhealthy for the game. Granted if AGS doesn’t care… that’s not my problem. It’s tied to RMT which I also despise.

I’m not here to talk about, or compare WoW. I quit that game many years ago, with 6 characters in full t6 months before the DK released.