Putting A Stop To All Wars - LAG Exploit Re-created

With the discovery of how the game-breaking “Lag exploit” is re-created, I vote that all wars be halted immediately. Countless players on the majority of servers have been affected by this and we need Amazon to address the issue ASAP. Those who have used this exploit have to be punished and in some cases, maybe territories have to be reset to their previous owners.

It’s time to #FixNewWorld so that we can #PlayNewWorld!

Forum post detailing the re-creation


This is is stupid… uninstalled.

W0nt be back until,


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I think a NEW issue now is that the exploits and cheating have gone on too long.
Which means legitimate players have probably resorted to using the same tactics because they don’t have faith or reason to believe there will be sanctions for using the cheats and exploits.

Those players deserve a reduced punishment or possibly no punishment because that would legitimately be a result on inaction on AGS tacitly encouraging exploitation.
It’s a similar situation in Elder Scrolls Online where dev action or (usually) inaction breeds more exploitation.

But how to separate the two?

Exploitation ruins the game for everyone.
It encourages even more exploitation.

Addressing the situation early and immediately punishing the exploiters is critical to retaining a population of legitimate players – not just keeping legitimate players in the game, but attracting more, and not letting legitimate players resort to exploitation themselves.

Definitely early exploiters and cheaters should be sanctioned:
Disband the Companies
Delete the characters
Suspend the players
Permanently ban the organizers.

And this late into the issue – AGS needs to COMPENSATE all legitimate players.


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