PVE and PVP Specific Servers

Maybe this has been brought up before but I don’t read the forums religiously.

Why can’t AGS just make PVE and PVP only servers to alleviate all this hostility between the two parties? PVE servers can gain and exchange control of regions via territory standing earned and tallied once per week (for example). PVP players could have the full time enabled PVP that they desire. We wouldn’t need 100 threads arguing about PVP vs PVE and this that and the other.

They wouldn’t even need to change too much of the current systems for this to work. Just add some new PVE or PVP only servers and allow a transfer to them. Maybe they could even have a couple full loot PVP servers for those really sweaty PVPers.

Seriously AGS just consider this as it could alleviate a lot of the toxicity on these forums and make both sides happy. I know there are of course other serious issues atm but I would be interested in others’ thoughts on this.

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