PvE Conetent/DPS meter-Question for Amazon

First sorry for my english:)

I have some tips for pve content and my question when come the dps meter?
I know some ppls didnt like it,maybe they are scare for kick,but if anyone didnt like it just turn off if u need just turn on the meter…its very important. I see a guy who is go gathering mats after crafting orb so he waste lot of REAL TIME because the dungeon after started… the 3th dps was nothing,they cant kill the boss because was 1 dps extremetly low… so what is the better? He get a kick and replace 1 dps or leave all party because they cant kill the boss with 2dps…
ppls asking builds and weapons and etc…but u dont know what do you know with your character:D
This is a really good starting and very impressive game and full of potency,but we need a DPS meter,we just go blind in dungeons. And i need to know how can i better with my char but first need to see my weak points…
PvE content
In future maybe any dungeon speed run leaderboard?
and in pvp any leader board or arena system?
Thank you!

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