PVE Content Suggestion - Solo Replayable Content (tower defense or Boss Rush modes)

New world is great, however i think the game lacks Solo PVE content. World content is fun and the one solo PVE content we do have are the PVE world dailies we get from the PVP vendors however i dont think the rewards or the content itself is good enough. Sometimes you just want to log in and do some Single player stuff here is my idea for it:

New World Boss Rush :

  1. Solo instance where you slowly progress through waves of bosses\enemies getting progressively more difficult(or you just jump in and it slowly gets more difficult the higher you progress).
  2. Every 2 Waves you go up against a Boss, all bosses are quite difficult but should be soloable by the best of dodgers and pvers. (maybe they can start easy but get more difficult as the fight goes on)
  3. Every wave you win you get a Level, upon dying and leaving the ever increasingly difficult boss rush you leave\die and you get rewards based on how far you got. (Transmog rewards for completing different High Levels of waves, would also promote people getting gear sets for the different creature types - Extend hardcore players gameplay)

This content to me seems like the easiest content to implement. You only need one or two different areas for enemy waves, you can use existing bosses but just change there mechanics so they are solo player friendly and you just created a endless game loop for people that want to just jump on and get into a Solo Challenge.


  • Endless progression Solo player PVE content
  • Low Development time (one arena, reused bosses)
  • Gives people that only have the time for some quick PVE content or dont have there friends online something to do for 30 mins/40 mins in the evenings (dont have the time to find a group for other stuff). At the moment the only SOLO PVE activity which progresses you is crafting\gathering which involves no PVE.
  • Proven a success in other games like in World Of Warcraft (mage tower/Torgast Boss rush)

TOWER DEFENSE - in new world
What does New world have that other MMORPGS dont have? Gathering Crafting and building (in the alpha). Create a Tower defense wave based mode. Players can build forts from stuff they gather between waves, they can build traps and fences and turrets and fight mobs in a endless wave mode. This can be solo or group based. Players must defend a box in the middle.

This works the same as a invasion however players must hunt for resources and build the base up slowly between waves\repair or work together to build a fort to defend a position. Invasions are cool however it does nothing different. Adding in the ability to do it in smaller groups and letting you actually build stuff would add to this experience in a way other games cannot.

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BOSSES is fun with other people. However, scratching your idea, it could be an PVE arena with levels. Something like Aincrad of Soa, but in a ring place, small one.

But i think it’s not the answer.

Okay. And besides that, what else do you propose?

I suggest this:

I mean i agree bosses are fun with other people but we already have that in game right now (mutations). The game lacks solo content. There is nothing stopping AGS from making a endless boss rush mode SOLO and party mode viable. I just think this game needs some more solo content as some people dont have time in the evenings/mutations groups are not always on at the same time.

Like what Solo PVE content is out there that is challenging right now that gives good rewards and is something you can progress in? Like Torgast Boss rush in World of warcraft is basically what i am suggesting and it has been a huge success for wow even if it lacks rewards.

The mage tower was incredibly popular in WoW. I’m not sure how you can implement it in a free form no class system but the idea of a very challenging single player instance that was centered around mechanics for a given role be it DPS, Tanking or Healing would be phenominal.

Especially if it came with scoring like mutators. Endless waves. And rewards that are unique to the system. Unique titles and skins.

People absolutely loved the Mage tower in WoW.

for example: How is your achievements board? is it completed?

Uh… it’s not single player PVE what you’re proposing here…

Yea i am not a game designer, but when people hit level 60 and there friends are not online and they want something to do PVE wise, completing achievements boards isnt the first thing that would come to my mind. That is not content.

Imagine telling a PVE that is bored that is waiting on there group to come online that the only PVE content they can progress in is the achievement board. I just think that is really off beat honestly.

There is a new mode called Torgast boss rush mode, its basically mage tower but with waves/bosses and RNG spell drops and its pretty dam fun.

Be interestig if it worked like the game for the ki g.

Maybe you start naked and get to choose a weapon from a random asortment on a rack and a set of starting gear.

Each wave or room can drop upgrades.

Some waves spawn vendors that cost currency the mobs drop that are run specific.

It hecomes a strategy to work with waht you get on the run.

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People that can’t PvP need content! :laughing:

Actually you are right. But if AG decides to make your territory reputation allow you to hang, from lvl 50 onwards and then every 5 lvl, an extra trophy on the wall of your house then you would be encouraging your PVEr to do the board quests… :wink:

In fact, I encourage them to do so. It would reactivate that grind and give players the opportunity to progress through more game activities.

brilliant…there’s a good foundation there…

grab wood, stone, ore, hides, herbs…create, repair, upgrade and mange towers (sniper, cannon, rapid fire, beams) and survive wave after wave in a tower defence game.

Given invasions and all that, it’s like the game already has the pieces to make it happen. Would ideally be instanced and maybe done in groups of 2, 4, 8 because who knows…turrets/towers auto-fire…or maybe you need another person to man the tower.

Would then need to add a scoring leaderboard style feature, small rewards, recognition…reset the leaderboard after territory changes hands or something. Top 5 scores for the time get a pretty gold star

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Only for hardcore gamers. I’m not against it though…

I’m with you 100% I don’t care for it at all, but I think the carrot dangled towards those that do care…will bring in more players in the long run

I would like scaleable content that can be completed solo, as a duo or even as a full group. That way it creates a satisfactory experience for different types of players. Socialable and unsociable :blush:

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Repeatable territory quests are not the content pvpers are looking for. Now give each territory a unique vendor like factions in wow, maybe but rewards gotta be cool.

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