PvE is horrid and pvp level 60. No wonder new players leave

Ok, so i’m a new player here. owned the game about 2 weeks now. I want to enjoy this game so much but the lack of inspiration in lower-level content is draining.

Im going to give my thoughts, hopefully you can use them to make the game more interesting to new comers.

I want to stick around for level 60 with PvP mechanics, which i cant enjoy right now because nobody under level 60 really wants to stick around anymore now that there are so little people around your level to play with. (low level quest, 3v3 pvp arena… ive spent over 8 hours waiting in the queue and have never successfully had a match at my level)

PvE is horrid and uninspired. im level 45 and so far ive seen a total of 2 scenes which could be called cutscenes:

  • the new player intro with the corrupted captain
  • and the animation for meeting the boss of starstone barrows.
    Every. Other. Quest. lacks even the most basic of animations (like someone walking from point A to Point B, they just disappear and reappear somewhere else)

The the enemies. holy crap, ive killed the exact same skeletons and corrupted thousands of times now. There is nearly no variety to enemies.
Well, there is, i encountered a frost troll and some interesting ice enemies in a cave, but for some reason AWG never decided to use it in a quest (i think, i havent seen it)

on the topic of side quests: it seems that the following 3 different types of side quests in NW make up like 95% of all side quests:

  • Go to A and kill X number of Y
  • Go to A and open X chests
  • Go to A and kill the boss (surprise: if the boss isnt a named skeleton or corrupted its the exact same boss every single time for every quest, some large hulking dude wearing a helmet)
    I mean, what did AWG do, program three tempaltes for side-quest templates and auto-generate every side quest using random A,X and Y values, and assign the quests to specific NPCs?

The fact that i only fight 2 variety of enemies over 3 variety of quests means it feels like im repeating the exact same task for hours on end. Theres like no variety. I happily start mining stones just to break the monotony that the side quests are.

Even just new enemy types would break this monotony.

Several quests are broken. The Ritual is a main story quest that i had to repeat 10 times for it to mark as complete in the quest log. searching google there are bug reports about the exact same issue dating to 2021 and its never been fixed.

I did some fishing side quests (great breath of fresh air, btw, catching a fish was much more interesting than going to the 50th random spot A and opening 5 chests) and they were broken too. wanted me to catch specific fish, like some hooked squid and then later a fish hammer/sword… well, its bugged to and required resetting the quest for it to actually start giving me these quest-only fish… took me like 45 minutes of fishing before i googled it and realized the quest is bugged.

PvP sounds great, i want to stick around for it, but the PvE experience below level 60 is soul draining.


Its sad, but the reason why the game feels this dull is because it was never supposed to be an MMO, not your usual MMO anyway… but instead of sticking to their original design they reworked what the whole game was gonna be about. It was supposed to be a pvp focused mmo for once and that just didnt happen because we got alot of wow and final fantasy players crying about how combat was in alpha, so they scrapped it and rushed a bunch of content in a year and thats why the game is the way it is, hope this helps!

It’s been a year and a half since then xD.

If the PVE combat is boring and the PVP unbalanced, It’s because they don’t have more imagination.

Here there is only hope that at some point this changes direction, someone who realizes that this is not the way.

Oh wait till you run Tempest, Ennead and some other dungeons at low mutations.
Good luck with that