PvE-only and PvP-only servers with different Territory Control Models

PvP-only servers -
Using the current territory control model.
No transfer in or out.

PvE-only server -
No PvP flagging.
No Outpost Rush, no Arena, or other PvP modes – no “fake pvp’ers” to ruin real PvP action with win-trading or loss farming or whatever.
No transfer in or out.

PvE Territory “Merit-based” control model:

The idea is that there is no real reason to oust good governers. A “good governer” is defined as being able to keep the settlement prosperous and constantly improving – i.e., more settlement improvements and maintaining maximum settlement improvements. This would obviously also include successful defense against Invasions since that would cause improvements to be lost.

  • At server launch, territories are not owned. Whichever company can buy it first gets it initially, just like the current model.
  • If an owning company fails to pay for all current upgrades, ownership is immediately relinquished and the first company who steps in and pays for all current upgrades becomes the new owner for the remainder of the current cycle plus one additional cycle.
  • Any territory without an owner continues to accumulate money in the treasury and will automatically try to pay for upgrades. If it cannot, it will randomly lose one upgrade per cycle.
  • If a territory has not improved (net more total upgrades) since the last cycle, the first company who steps in to pay for for (current upgrades + 1 more upgrade) becomes the new owner.
  • Theoretically a territory can therefore not be lost if it is maintained at maximum upgrades, but PvE Invasions can cause upgrades to be lost. And if a territory has less upgrades since the last cycle, it can also possibly be bought out.
  • Max-upgrade territories can also have a further qualification of whether they were able to maintain at least X Lifestyle Buffs per cycle.

For PVE servers, there are no need for companies to exist at all, territory should be controlled by faction and governed by people to prevent griefing, like, not upgrading crafting stations…

Its not that I dont agree, but this isnt a step in the right direction IMO.

This would split the playerbase and would make all the work ags put into a PVX mmo to the drain.

I like the direction they seem to be going since release, its not bad ideia but I dont see it working.

Interesting? Split? please explain.

Finally. it’s been at least 3 months without anyone with good ideas. Adding to your idea, on pve servers, factions would be non existing, like delete them from game code.

They have said time and again they dont have the resources or desire to maintain two different code branches which is what this would require.

They need to pick one demographic as their core and focus on that not exclusively but enough that they state their focus and intention allow that other group to know that they arent going to get cattered to so they can move on.

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Well if you have a pvp only server hardly any pve player will go there, the same apllies to the other side, do you not see how it would split the playerbase?

@Sonickat also pointed out what is obvious to AGS but for some reason some of the players dont grasp this concept.

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If you watch the dev vids at one point they say there will not be a split server because the PvP group would be expecting updates, which would not be coming.

By in large most of the accounts on the game are PvE only while you do have a lot of hardcore PvP players it is not enough of a fan base to justify much new content.

PVE server needs only one Faction.

There are plenty people who are interesting in PVP to sustain a standalone PVP server, sure there are going to be more PVE servers, NW will have a lot more people playing because of it, isn’t that the goal?

Just a correction on your post:

By in large most of the accounts still active on the game are PvE only.

While the PvErs had their fun with chest runs, there was no reason for PvPers to stay, which is why the 95% of the population quit.

MMO with PvE and PvP servers such as Classic WoW showed the vast majority of players prefers PvP servers by a ratio of about 10:1.

For sure PvP servers aren’t for everyone, but I would be willing to bet my house that bringing PvP only servers would at least triple NW’s long term population. Without a shadow of a doubt.

Pvp servers will be dead in a month if they divide it like this. Don’t get me wrong I’m 100% PvE player, but the pvp playerbase is really tiny to split them even more, they are just a loud minority on the forums but in reality the vast portion of the playerbase only plays PvE activities.

Just a small correction to your statement:

The vast portion of the remaining 5% of active playerbase only play PvE activities, such as chest runs.

If we want this game to survive we need to bring back some of the remaining 95%. Chest runs and expeditions in their current format isn’t gonna cut it.