PvE Player's Game Feedback

I have been enjoying the game so far. I am an old hat at MMOs, having played SWG, ESO, GW, GW2, BDO, NWO and SWTOR. I rarely do any PvP. I have not flagged once since launch because it is just not my thing. So, take my feedback in that vein.

  1. I wish we could have a transmog system where any items I have already worn were unlocked as skins for any piece I put on later, even if it is locked to the same weight/category.

  2. I believe in most of the open world areas the respawn is turned up way too much, whereas quest requirement bosses/elites do not respawn fast enough. You should be able to kill a common enemy type, loot a chest, and at least be able to look in your inventory at the stats of the item you just got without being attacked again by the common you just dispatched but has already respawned.

  3. I feel you should remove the faction bonus/negative regarding fast travel. If a player made the mistake of joining a faction that is in the minority ownership of the island territories, it is too jarring to have to pay double or triple the amount of azoth to just get to another location. I am a strictly PvE player and have no interest in the wars. Your main story is about joining the three factions together as an outsider to combat the common enemy. Having to deal with higher taxes from a player company, which may even be the same faction, is bad enough. Add insult to injury that I now have to pay inordinate amounts of azoth to get around the island faster is just poor developing. Worse off, the underdog mechanic eliminates my ability to join the strongest faction which owns 7 territories on my server. So, I am locked into paying higher azoth no matter what.

  4. Unlock the Azoth cap or, at least double/triple the cap. As it is, I currently have to plan to do an hour of gathering with my Azoth tools just in order to afford to travel around the island for the rest of the evening.

  5. Some of the gathering/crafting need their XP adjusted. Particularly, logging, jewelcrafting, and arcana are way too slow to level up in comparison to the other tradeskills.

  6. Please leave the life staff alone. I have seen numerous posts on these forums and on reddit calling for it to be nerfed because PvP players find it too difficult to beat, even though others have pointed out hatchet with disease can counter it decently. Nerfing the lifestaff would be damaging to the PvE community. Its usage already aggros most monsters in a wide area and lowering its effective self-healing would be disastrous for PvE questers that do not have a tank companion to draw aggro away. If anything, buff some of the other weapons to have a better chance for PvP players to combat a healer (and PvE players to choose other DPS opportunities).

Thank you for reading my feedback.

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