PVE System Rework suggestion for new Expansion


With the new Human ward, it’s clear for me and probably some other players that New World needs a rework, it’s not a fun experience to farm new gear and do micro-management for each item’s stats and perks.

I would like to suggest an alternative route for the upcoming expansion:

  1. Remove the armor ward.
  2. Add a seasonal artifact that can be leveled up.
    The artifact would be slotted on the Heart Rune place.
    All the heart runes that a player has can be slotted on the Seasonal Artifact in a menu where you have the slot for that heart rune, and where you can add or remove your heart rune with the current rarity. From the Seasonal Artifact, you can also choose which rune you want to use free from the same menu.

The Seasonal Artifact will be leveled up by completing any in-game activity PVE or PVP. The more challenging the activity, the more artifact experience it’s earned.
The Seasonal Artifact will have 10-20 perks that can be selected. From these perks you can choose to have:
PVE area of effect ward
PVE elemental ward protection
PVE Increase Elemental Damage
PVE Increase Range Damage
PVE Increase Melee Damage
PVE Increase Atack Speed

Artifact mods resets should be allowed and priced accordingly, corrupted portal rewards could be the currency for seasonal artifact mods to increase the corrupted portal event participation.

This would allow players to manage what game style they want to choose and decrease the constant need to micro-manage each PVE ingame set.

Later you could also add more complex seasonal artifact mods, that increase your damage but decrease your defense or your attack speed…
When the system is fully developed, you can also remove the PVE aspect from some of the seasonal artifact mods and have the seasonal artifact mods influence the PVP aspect as well.