PvE vs PvP grouping and issues with mass grouping

I have encountered some serious insane groups which mostly are zerg fests. In which you do not obtain credit for kills and quest progress. Even to the point where some quests go bugged/broken. The game needs a more in-depth explaination of the rolls of an MMORPG game. Tank, Healer, Support, and Damage Dealer… In most cases many players are picking up PvE perk weapons and armor with threat increasers or reducers. Then expecting to do well in PvP…
In many cases this game does not allow big groups… It pushes 5-man group requirements and does not let much room for others. While the game has some seriously challanging content with Myrkgaurd and other elite zones. That players are mass gathering droves/zergs of players with no teamwork or comprehension of how to make sure that no one dies. While all I see is mass amounts of Damage Dealers and Healers… but no Tanks… the limitation of Tank and Support roles is very noticeable in all of these Elite zone rushes.
I think that it would be very advantageous to allow 25-40 man groups. As the end game content grind in elite zones is noticable. It would also help if the game made an explaination to players about PvE dynamics. The PvP that happens in Elite zones is not to bad but the interferance with monsters while handling the chaos does cause an issue. Please add in the ability to make 25-40 man groups! As well as an extensive explaination of role requirements and recommendations.

Yeah it does tend to get a bit messy some times. Maybe also if you could assign a colour/ icon for each role that only your group/company/faction can see, it would make things a bit less confusing

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