PVP: add more slows / fix pve jogger builds



  • the pve-gear-runner-0skill-dodgespam-animationcancelexploit-builds are killing the game. Everyone is forced to play range or GA.


  • fix the current slows (2s slow - shorter than stuns - wtf?).
  • add new slows: perks, gems, weaponmastery.
  • remove the animation cancel exploit.
  • remove the runspeed perks from range weapons.

Umm every weapon is viable and mages are still very strong esp with FS/VG and VG/IG.

You must be playing the game wrong or playing a different game.

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You do realize if it wasn’t for the run speed perks if you got into melee range you’d be dead. The run speed perks aren’t that crazy also helps range kite. If you are getting kitted you need to play your weapon stuns better. Almost seems like because of the GA nerf you feel like it’s unfair now because you can’t auto track and lunge into people backs.

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Sorry, I don’t play GA. But I think the lunge nerf wont change anything.

I can kite everything, there is no challenge at all. Its easy, boring and super strong. Even if I miss a dodge I can escape reap + gravitywell without problems.

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