PvP Arena, PvP Squads, PvP Flag and Leaderboard

Hey guys, I hope you’re all well and safe.

Below is a detailed summary of the 4 categories above.
I have detailed 3 specific Game Modes that can be incoprorated into New World as well as a Leaderboard suggestion.

I am not a PvP Player. But I firmly believe my ideas will breathe new life not only in Aeternum, but in the whole MMO Genre.

I would appreciate it if you would consider my proposals. Thank you.


PvP Arena, PvP Squads and PvP Flag are the Game Modes I’ll be talking about.

PvP Arena - Much like Outpost Rush. Players can queue up through their chosen Settlement.

Total Players - 32.
Cost of Entry - 500 Coins.

PvP Arena is a 1v1 Tournament where skill and knowledge of your weapons and gameplay are paramount.
You can join PvP Arena once you are Level 30. Expertise and Weapon/Armour Levels do not apply. This is a skilled-based Game Mode and should be shown for skill and knowledge. Not through Weapon Ranks.
This is a fast-paced PvP Game Mode within an Arena Environment.
5 Minute Rounds which will end when either Player’s HP reaches 0 or if both Players still remain, the determined result will be based on the amount of damage the Players have inflicted.
Players who join the Tournament can oversee the Battles in the Arena by spectating as they await their turn.
Once a Player is defeated, they can choose to leave the Arena and return to Aeternum or they can stay and spectate the action until the Tournament completes.

At the end of the Tournament, if you stayed until the end, you will see a list of all the Players who entered.
You can now give a Thumbs Up to any Player you wish. There will be no Thumbs Down as this is an uneccessary feature which causes too much toxicity within Gaming.
A Thumbs Up indicates Players liked what they saw in the Arena. If you receive no Thumbs Up, stay positive and impress in your next battle in the Arena.
Once you receive a total of 50 Thumbs Up, you’ll receive a Package of Random Aptitude Skill. A nice incentive to show your skills.

Rewards - Joining and competing in a Tournament should not only be enjoyable and challenging, it should be rewarding too.

1st Round - 350 Coins.
2nd Round - 750 Coins.
3rd Round - 1.5k Coins + Package of Random Aptitude Skill.
4th Round - 2.25k Coins + Package of Random Aptitude Skill + 2 Weapons/Armour based on your Expertise.
Bronze Match (3rd and 4th Place) - 2.5k Coins + Package of Random Aptitude Skill + 3 Weapons/Armour based on your Expertise.
Final Round - (2nd Place) - 2.75k Coins + 2 Packages of Random Aptitude Skill + 3 Weapons/Armour based on your Expertise.
(1st Place) - 3k Coins + 3 Packages of Random Aptitude Skill + 4 Weapons/Armour based on your Expertise.

Based on your average positions within the Tournaments, you’ll gain a Ranking
(This will take place after 10 Placement Matches).


Once you have completed your Placement Matches, you will see yourself within the Leaderboards for PvP Arena.
No Player will be ranked Knight or Legend after 10 Placement Matches. Those 2 Ranks are earned through fighting in the Arena and making a name for yourself.
When you Gain a Rank, this will be shown next to your Player Level in Aeternum
(For eg - Level 60 Warrior). The way, when you are in the open world and you wanted to openly PvP, you will have a decent indicator at how good that Player might be during PvP.

PvP Squads - Players can join through any Settlement.

PvP Squads is a fast-paced Team Game which will depend on Teamwork and how well your Squad communicates. Squads is a Team Deathmatch that consists of 40 Players (20 per Team).
You will begin the match with a Team of 5 Players picked at random(or you can Party up before you join Squads if you wish to play with your Party).
The idea is simple. Defeat as many of the opposition as you can until either the Timer runs out (30 Minutes) or a Team wins the Match (250 Points Total).
For 1 Kill, 1 Point will be deducted from the opposition’s Score. So if your Team finishes on 0 Points, you lose the Match.
In total, 250 Kills are needed. If that total isn’t completed before the Timer hits 0, the Match is decided on who has the highest number of Points remaining.

It’s a great Game Mode to show how you communicate with your Squad of 5, as well as communicating with your overall Team.
Squads can be played on the Outpost Rush Map. Ideal for cover and has many areas where confined battles can take place.

As this isn’t a Tournament, to enter PvP Squads, there is NO FEE to play. You have to be Level 30 to enter.
Once again, there is no Weapon/Armour advantage. It’s a level-playing field which makes it competitively fair.

Same as PvP Arena - After 10 Placement Matches, you will gain a Rank and will be viewable via the Leaderboard. The difference is, you won’t see this Rank next to you Player Level in Aeternum.
This will be a Rank you can view within the Leaderboards as well as on your Player Profile.
(Others can view your Profile and view your Rank).

Rewards - Based on your Squad’s performance and how well you did as a Team of 20 Players, will determine what you’ll receive.

Team Winner - 1.5k Coins + 2 Random Weapons/Armour based on your Expertise.
Team Loser - 750 Coins + 1 Random Weapon/Armour based on your Expertise.

We should reward Players not only for winning/losing, but for taking part as well. I believe the 2 Rewards above are fair and offer a nice incentive to play.

Squad Top 2 Per Team - 500 Coins + Package of Random Aptitude Skill + 1 Weapon/Armour based on Expertise.
Again, I believe that rewarding 2 Squads from both Teams is a fair reward and incentivised Players to keep playing.

PvP Flag - Players can join through any Settlement.

PvP Flag is a Game Mode many will be familiar with. Fast-paced Capture the Flag. 40 Players. 2 Teams of 20.
30 Minute Game Mode with the first to Capture 5 Flags.
If the Timer finishes before either Team could complete 5 successful Flag Captures, the Team that wins is the Team with the most Captures.
There is no Squads in PvP Flag. 2 Teams of 20 will make it exciting and the whole Team can communicate together to validate what the best approach might be.
The Map again can be played on the Outpost Rush Map.
1 Flag on either end of the Map and you have to deposit the Flag back to your Outpost.
Players who are Level 20 and above can enter PvP Flag. As Flag is less competitive than Squads and Arena, I believe Level 20 is a reasonable Level to join. It’s also a great incentive to earn some cash while levelling up at those Levels.
There are NO FEES to join PvP Flag.

Flag will have 10 Placement Matches and you will gain a Rank that will be viewable via the Leaderboards.

Rewards -
Team Winner - 1.5k Coins + 2 Random Weapons/Armour based on Expertise.
Team Loser - 750 Coins + 1 Random Weapon Armour based on Expertise.

Leaderboards -

Here is a tiny Leaderboard which shows an example of how cool it would be to see your name(or your friend’s names) within each PvP Category.
I believe that the PvP Playerbase would love a Leaderboard and it’ll also add competitiveness to each Game Mode.
Not only would it be great to have Leaderboards just for your Server. It would be great to have the Leaderboards for Server, Region and World. Lets bring the competitveness across this New World.

I genuinely believe that these Game Modes are the stepping stone to the first MMO 3rd Person eSport. I firmly believe that Streamers on Twitch will collaborate together and create huge Tournaments for their Communities.
These Game Modes not only represent a path for PvP, it represents a path where ALL New World Players can participate and play. It adds a whole new perspective and adds alot of variety in Gameplay.
The Reward System is something that Players will enjoy and I believe the Rewards I have presented are very fair both for the Player and for the Game itself.

Expertise Question - “Jack, what if I’m Level 30, I won’t receive any Expertise Weapons/Armour in Squads”.

For each Game Mode, whether Level 30 in Squads or Level 20 in Flag, you will receive your Weapons/Armour based on your Player Level. Once you hit Level 60, you’ll start receiving Expertise Rewards.

As a Player myself who generally prefers PvE in Games, I can see my Game Modes appeal to both PvP AND PvE. Which is what Gaming’s all about. We have enough of divide in Gaming. Lets start being inclusive and involve EVERYONE.

I’d love to see New World progress into areas where no other MMO has gone. And I believe Game Modes like these are the future.

Thank you very much for your time.


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There is no pvp content that would encourage me to launch the game after work.

  1. Wars are not for people that can play up to 2-3 hours only few days in a week. If you do not have gear good enough or you are solo player, you will not be chosen.

  2. Matchmaking in Outpoost Rush doesn’t exist. Sometimes the teams are very damn different.

  3. Implementing smart 3vs3, 5vs5 arenas

  4. Implementing some games with equal gear (e.g. high faction gear) for players that cant play a lot and also want to be competitive

  5. Maybe also adding Capture the flag or other pvp games.

  6. Matchmaking should take players from different servers (same location e.g. EU) to start content faster

II’m a pvp player and I don’t want spend 90% time in game for crafting, gathering everything to have a nice gear. Some modes for more casual players are also needed.

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